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Wedding villas Italy

Are you looking for a suggestive and original place to organize your wedding in Italy? Rome-explorer.com can suggest you a selections of incredible wedding villas in Italy, in particular near Rome. A wedding in a villa in Italy can be a great experince that you will hardly forget!


Wedding villas Italy - Brancaccio Palace is the last Roman Patrician Palace built in 1880 in the heart of Rome. Located on Colle Oppio, near Emperor Nero's "Domus Aurea" and the seven hills, between the Colosseum and the famous Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. The palace is situated in a beautiful natural old park between Roman ruins, old plants and fountains, mixed by vegetable essence. Inside ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Villa Falcognana is an enchanting villa, located just 14 km away from Rome, and offers its enchanting interiors to everybody who would like to relive, even if is only for a day, the fascinating history of the Roman countryside. A villa steped in history, events, traditions and great families that has kept intact, over the years, all its splendour. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Villa Grant, formerly belonged to the Savoia reigning family, awaits you in the wonderful frame of Castel Porziano's Presidential Estate to offer an incredible combination of modern comforts and old fashioned sumptuous atmospheres. Villa Grant was built in 1400. The gardens and halls, their colours and scents will allow you to live a unique experience. Villa Grant offers ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - An old rural country farm dating back to the XIX century, in the past it was composed of two spacious farmhouses, now completely restored and with conditioning air, it is plunged into the greenery with fountains and three swimming pools. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - In the charming scenery of Roman aqueducts dating back to the Imperial period there is Casale Consolini. A wonderful villa, an ideal location for weddings and ceremonies. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - The Castello della Castelluccia was built at the times of historic Rome (between the 12th and 13th century) by the noble Cancellieri family, descendents of the Orsini. It stands on the site of an ancient Roman villa. The magic atmosphere of the Castello della Castelluccia with its romantic corners and enchanted gardens will plunge you deep into the past. An ideal place for ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Raffaella Ruschena Ricevimenti can help you organize banquets in Medieval and Renaissance themes, and also ancient Roman evenings that evoke the opulence of the Imperial Age. We have all the facilities and equipment needed to organize any type of social event: tables, chairs, umbrellas, gazebos, tensile structures and audiovisual equipment. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - An ideal location for newlyweds who are looking for something different from the usual restaurant or the classical vintage house. The castle Silj is a suggestive venue for weddings in Rome, the complex was built in the XIX century in neo-Gothic style and was used like country residence of the cardinal Silj. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Le Bonheur is a selection of villas, rural home, palaces; terraces and rooms for banqueting are characterized by the search for good seasonal cuisine, both traditional and modern for any event. There is a wide choice of villas at your disposal in the ancient and beautiful region of Lazio. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Sense of Italy is a full service company specializing in top quality Tailor-made tours, for both small groups or independent travelers, including romantic getaways, wine tasting, cooking classes, private transfers, walking & bus escorted tours, cultural & special events. Sense of Italy is delighted to offer a special service of elegant tailor-made weddings. The unparalleled ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - A sober and refined location managed by a company specialized in events organization, available for conventions, gala dinners, business meetings, weddings and ceremonies. Spazio Etoile is in Rome in piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina in front of the homonym basilica. MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Located on a main road, 20 minutes from central Rome, airports and motorways, on the breathtaking summit of the very steep hills surrounding Lake Albano, that glitters in tranquillity 1000 feet below. Alba Longa is on 5 hectares of private woodland and gardens, where the homonymous ancient city of Alba existed, until destroyed by the Romans around 2700 years ago. Alba Longa ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - Built in the 1920s, it was the Bernabei family residence inside the namesake wine factory. It has been restored during the 1990s, in the original architectural style, following the ideals of a refined and sober elegance. Nowadays it is the centre of wedding-parties, pleasant family events, banquets and meetings. The villa is located in an environment of luxuriant vineyards ... MORE INFORMATION


Wedding villas Italy - In the peacefulness of the Roman countryside, an ancient Borgo greets its guests in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Surrounded by lush parks, although only twenty minutes away from the centre of Rome, the Borgo della Merluzza lies in the very heart of the Bosco di Baccano estate. MORE INFORMATION
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