Welcome to Rome-Explorer.com's page on Shopping in Rome. The selection below aims at helping you satisfy your shopping needs while visiting Rome, which as you will see has more to offer the modern visitor than ruins, churches, and museums. Rome is also an international fashion hub, with its own designers, and offers a wide array of shops from local to global brands. If you are looking for luxury shopping or just looking to fill the room you left in your suitcase, this Rome shopping guide will give direction to your hunt.


Jeans Rome: Benetton is an Italian top brand famous all over the world. Benetton designers are continuously in search of innovative materials and ideas in order to create an up to date fashion style. Benetton means coloured and original clothing but also accessories, underwear, sunglasses, shoes, bags. You can find stores everywhere in Rome, in particular in via del Tritone, near Trevi’s ...


Carpisa is an original and modern store of accessories in Rome and hanbbags. Its products are qualified and trendy they meet the needs of a diverse public with competitive prices. The world of Carpisa includes handbags, suitcases, small leather goods both for men and women, briefcases and fashion accessories. You can find Carpisa shops easily in the Capital.


Castel Romano Outlet means top quality items of the previous season or coming from excess production, with prices reduced from 30% to 70%. The outlet has more than 110 fabulous boutiques of the most important clothing, household and accessory brands. Moreover you can find coffee shops, restaurants, children’s playground and a large free park. Since its opening, over 11 million of people have ... MORE INFORMATION


Danipel Store Rome is a big store where you can find every kind of accessory. It is placed in Via Emanuele Filiberto near the metro station Manzoni. It offers accessories for free time, travels, business, sport equipment, luggage, home decoration, beauty. Danipel Store gathers the best brands such as Timberland, Lacoste, Samsonite and suits every budget. MORE INFORMATION


Euroma 2 is the newest shopping center in Rome. It is placed in via Cristoforo Colombo near via dell'Oceano Pacifico, and it is quite easy to reach by bus from Termini station or by car. The store has three floors and its structure is modern and spectacular. Here it is possible to find any kind of answer to your shopping needs. It is opened every day and it often organises great events for ...


Fashion District Valmontone is the Italian largest shopping project. Its structure creates an environment that remembers the atmosphere of a small town centre. It is part of the Integrated Tourism Pole of Rome, located in Valmontone, one of the main towns in the outskirts of the capital. The Faction District Outlet opened in 2003, and now include 150 shops and a car park with 3.000 spaces. It is ... MORE INFORMATION


You can both visit the most beautiful monuments of Rome and go shopping if you go to Geox, in via Frattina. Geox is the most important Italian shoe brand, its products are famous all around the world and its original shoes are really appreciated. The secret of Geox shoes are the micro-holes in the rubber outsole that let feet breath and the protective breathable membrane that keeps water out and ...


In 1921 Guccio Gucci opens a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence. After years of working in London’s Savoy Hotel, he combined English high class style to Italian elegance producing exclusive leather goods. Till today a designer as Gucci is an icon for luxury and quality goods, known all over the world. MORE INFORMATION


H&M is a big store operating in 37 countries. It offers fashion and quality at the best price with a broad and varied selection for women, men, teens and children. H&M is the reign of clothes, accessories, jeans, underwear, bags, shoes. You can find H&M in via del Corso, the shopping street of the capital, and in all the shopping centers of the city and buy jeans in Rome. MORE INFORMATION


Rome designer: Hugo Boss is one of the most important brands on the market today. The Hugo Boss collection and their fashion lines are designed covering different groups, from young to adults. The label represents an extraordinary fashion, constantly researching quality and diversity. MORE INFORMATION


I Granai is the oldest shopping center in Rome. It was founded in 1992 near via Ardeatina and now it includes 118 shops, restaurants, bars. The store can be easily reached by car or buses and for the guests of the Sheraton Hotel a free shuttle is available every day. Moreover near I Granai in 2006 the park of Forte Ardeatino was inaugurated, so you can go shopping and then immerge yourself in a ... MORE INFORMATION


In Rome a designer as Missoni represents a status symbol for the lovers of fashion. A long tradition the Missoni brand guarantees high quality clothes manufactured with valuable materials and also the incredible design behind the creations. Walking through Rome a designer important as Missoni is an opportunity to try its fashion. MORE INFORMATION


The shopping center Porta di Roma gathers more than 220 shops of the best brands, such as Media World, Decathlon, Ikea, Leroy Merlin and a comfortable parking with 7.000 spaces. Porta di Roma means amusement and sport in a relaxing atmosphere. The store is opened every day and is ideal also if you want to spend a nice day going to one of its numerous restaurants or seeing a new movie. Indeed the ...


Roma Est is one of the biggest shopping center in Italy. Roma Est is placed outside the city of Rome but it is quite easy to reach, because it is near the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the ring road that surrounded the capital. It is developed on two floors and includes 220 shops, tour operators, banks, restaurants, fast food, bars and a multi-screen cinema, that is always up-to-date.


Ermenegildo Zegna is a great designer in Rome. He belongs to an old family of entrepreneurs that have created a leading multinational company in the men’s luxury clothing industry. His brand is distributed in 80 countries worldwide thanks to the diversification of the offering which ranges from clothing to accessories. You can find Zegna in via Borgognona, in the heart of the shopping Roman ... MORE INFORMATION


Sandro Ferrone designer is a notorious brand, recognised for its exclusive fashion in women’s clothing. He started in 1958 and slowly though quality and style became a famous name for women’s fashion. Sandro Ferrone trademark is appreciated not only in Italy but also other countries, such as Portugal and the Middle East. The Ferrone spa continuously updates his collection, always satisfying ... MORE INFORMATION


Anagnina is a shopping center born in 2004. This store is unique in Italy because it is the only one that includes a 4 star hotel with 115 rooms. Centro Commerciale Anagnina is easy to reach by metro or by car because it is near the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the ring road that surrounded the capital. Moreover it is in front of the first Ikea founded in Rome.


Shpping center Leonardo is a huge shopping area, the biggest in Italy, placed inside Parco Leonardo, a pedestrian city outside Rome, along the street to Fiumicino airport. It is born in 2005 and now it is a reference point for the shopping in Rome and not only. It is easy to reach by car and by train from Termini station. Here you can find every kind of shop and can also spend a relaxing free ... MORE INFORMATION


In the 19th century Enrico Caleffi, founded his homonymous firm. He started his business in Rome opening a clothing and accessory shop, in Via Due Macelli in the corner of Via Capo le Case. We are in the Rome of D'Annunzio that is characterized by an élite, who often pass by the shop. Caleffi invents a famous shirt characterized by a very wide collar with two collar buttons, called “alla ... MORE INFORMATION


Clothes shopping in Rome: Davide Cenci is a famous clothing shop in Rome that has continued his tradition since 1926. Davide Cenci gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of assortments, from elegant to casual guaranteeing fashion and elegance. A long tradition in combining British style to unique Italian fashion create an exclusive fashion. Davide Cenci invites you to visit his shop ... MORE INFORMATION


Jeans Rome: Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies. It offers women, men and kids clothing, jeans, fragrances, shoes, accessories. Zara has many shops in Rome, in particular in the city centre, in via del Corso and in the main big stores of the capital. Zara products are characterized by originality, fashion and eccentricity, particularly suited for young people and its stores ...


Luisa Spagnoli is a very competitive firm in Italy, if you are interested in elegance and sophistication it is a must during your clothes shopping in Rome. Luisa Spagnoli style tends to combine its long history and tradition with fashion trends and by following the evolution of the market. It is appropriate for those women who want to look young, modern and love to wear fashionable clothes that ... MORE INFORMATION


Valigeria Romana Srl is an old luggage store, it is a family business since three generations. If you are looking for a special accessory or luggage you can surely find them there. Valigeria Romana offers a wide range of models, characterized by high quality and selected materials. All its products are of the top brands such as Bric’s, Eastpak, Jansport, Samsonite. You can find Valigeria Romana ... MORE INFORMATION


In one of the most ancient streets of Rome, since 1902 Carucci is situated in Via di Ripetta, opened during the Papacy of Leone x, by Raffaello Sanzio and by Antonio Sangallo. Today you can go shoe shopping in Rome, purchase leather goods, umbrellas, suit-cases, and foulards that are first quality products. MORE INFORMATION


Cinecittàdue is a shopping center in via Tuscolana, near the metro station stop. Born in 1983, the store appears like a huge modern building dedicated to shopping and amusement. It is opened every day from 10:00 to 20:00. In Cinecittàdue you can find every kind of shop, restaurants, bars and also exhibitions. Indeed inside the store, there is a space dedicated to culture that aims at promoting ...


Rome designer: Cristina Fusi is a fashion and jewellery designer, she participated in various competitions having had the opportunity to express her expression and show her talent. MORE INFORMATION


Litrico Designer was the first to organize a fashion show together with men and women which had been presented in catwalk shows since the 1950s. A famous tailor that in all these years has combined elegance to quality manufacture, in giving to his clothes a touch of sophistication. MORE INFORMATION


Fellini has a long tradition for its classical style, enhanced by its originality, through quality fabrics and the combination of colours in producing fine cloths. The tailors touch is the philosophy of Fellini’s creations that express new trends and valuable manufacture in wearing high-class cloths. While clothes shopping in Rome, Fellini brand will surely guarantee high quality fabrics, ... MORE INFORMATION


In Rome you can find different Furla shops, a company known all over the world for its leather goods. In the shop you may find different leather items such as: wallets, handbags, suitcase and many others that satisfy clients taste and diversity in choice. Furla Accessories Rome is constantly researching new styles for its leather products in designing high quality products. In fact Furla goods ... MORE INFORMATION


Giancarlo Piazza means elegance and style in clothes shopping. Piazza personally crafts all his garments, that can be exclusive creations or models inspired by customers. His attentive care is not limited to production, it is extended also to meticulous selection of leathers. All materials come from certified farms complying with international quality requirements. MORE INFORMATION
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