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Going to the theatre in Rome could be a very interesting and rewarding experience, even if the language can get sometimes in the way. A Rome theatre can also be noteworthy from the architectural point of view, the majority of the theatres are in fact beautiful and ancient buildings located in the very hearth of Rome. Rome-explorer.com in order to help you choosing the Roman Theatre that suits you best has selected a list of some of the major ones, enjoy!


Rome theatre: The English Theatre of Rome, founded in 1996, has become a significant platform for Italian and non-Italian directors, playwrights, and actors to showcase their talents to an international audience, and has successfully forged alliances within the Rome arts scene. So if you want to experience Rome theatre, but your Italian is not up to it, try the English Theatre of Rome. MORE INFORMATION


Popular thanks to the artistic direction of Gigi Proietti in the season 2001-2002, Brancaccio, today Politeama, is one of the most attended Italian theatres thanks to its variegated programming; some shows are also suitable for children. MORE INFORMATION


The website of the main repertory theatre in Italy that has its birthday of 100 years. Here you can find the calendar and the updated program (there are shows for children too), news about tickets and subscription, information. Art director: Maurizio Scaparro. MORE INFORMATION


Among the trees in the heart of the Villa Borghese park there is a bizarre Rome theatre. It's a full-scale reproduction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, copied from the original designs, and almost identical to the one that now stands on London's South Bank, so if you haven’t had the chance of visiting the London one, you should really consider a visit to this Rome's version. This Rome theatre ... MORE INFORMATION


If your friend loves the theatre, you can give him/her a yearly subscription to Teatro Greco di Roma: it's a good idea. Dance performances, musicals, prose shows and concerts are offered by the theatre. The website gives information about "Renato Greco ballet" and the dance school. A true vocation towads music and dance. The production, promotion and hospitality of artistic projects are its goals ... MORE INFORMATION


An historical theatre in the centre of Rome, it is characterized by a programming based on actors' and directors' engagement. With the name of Quirino (as the hill and the temple of the same name) this Roman theatre was the dwelling of puppet shows and popular jokes and was attended by an educated intellectual public. In parallel to prose, there are musical shows, the cycles of readings, regular ... MORE INFORMATION


The public theatres of Italy's capital have a troubled past. The problem of creating a public theatre has historically been difficult to resolve, probably due to the fact that Rome is the point where Italy's different political factions meet and the influence that politics tends to have on even apparently unrelated matters such as the theatre ... MORE INFORMATION


Bagaglino, a variety theatre from 1998, is the oldest Chantan in Rome. It has a program, a ticket office, a reception service and a 100 years history. Today, its splendid rooms in Liberty style, perfectly preserved and its 450 seats are a real jewel of location for receptions, meetings and banquet.This Roman theatre has hosted fashion shows and fairs in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale ... MORE INFORMATION


Ever since it was inaugurated on 21 December 2002, the Auditorium Parco della Musica (the auditorium of music in Rome), has become a consolidated reality on the cultural scene of both the city of Rome and the entire country, a resounding success in terms of the quality of its programmes and the consistently high audience turnout. MORE INFORMATION


Rome theatre: The official website of one of the oldest and most prestigious theatres in Rome, its ancient building belongs to the Italian artistic and cultural heritage and inside, with its theatre boxes, this Rome theatre is a perfect example of "teatro all'italiana". On the site you can find the bill, events, daily performance, ticket office and other news. In Rome. MORE INFORMATION


Theatres in Rome - Teatro Vascello was founded in 1989 after the restoration of Cinema Vascello, built in 1946. It is an all-purpose structure which allows different scenic solutions. It also organizes performances and labs for children. It is a structure that allows to find and use different solutions for the stage, the theatre is conceived as a "central plan", "circular", "a multi-storey", ... MORE INFORMATION


Rome theatre - The ALFA Musicorum Convivium is a studio of artists and cultural professionals who want to promote music and art through the production of events, performances, recitals, exhibitions, lectures, concerts with a special attention to opera. The association has its roots in the long and varied artistic and human experience of its founders and members. Particular attention and care is ... MORE INFORMATION


ETHICS (international Jewish theatre culture and art) is an association created to disseminate, organize, promote performances in Rome theatres, create exhibitions, shows, concerts, conferences, art shows for the development of new cultural expressions and communication. MORE INFORMATION


Theatre of Musical Comedy offers a season of theatre performances, concerts and dance. "Teatro Sistina in Rome" was inaugurated at the end of 1949, after the Second World War. In this theatre memorable pages of the theatre representation of the economic boom have been written. The Sistina is located in via Rome, it offers a capacity of 1600 seats. MORE INFORMATION


Official website of the Teatro Sette in Rome, a theatre for young people that offers a stage made famous by several artists. A Rome theatre that also carries on the activities of a creative workshop for children, teens and adults, as well as the professional one. It organizes stage shows with young children who have never played, supporting a mission in Mozambique. Every Saturday afternoon it ... MORE INFORMATION


Rome Theatre - The theatre Tirso de Molina is managed by the cultural association Michele Mazzella since 2002. The activities within the theatre are many, apart from hosting companies, it also have a drama school that works successfully and gives the chance to participate at anybody: children, teens, adults and seniors. The organization is due to Emanuela Pastorelli. MORE INFORMATION


Teatro dei Satiri is an historical theatre of satire and intelligent humour in Rome. Founded in 1949, Teatro dei Satiri have seen in fifty years of activity the alternation of the most various forms of entertainment. It has also been a showcase of many singers in their debut. MORE INFORMATION


Testaccio theatre, one of the most important theatres in Rome for Comedy. In the heart of Trastevere, you will find two rooms to watch shows, but you will also be able to promote your own shows, or to take part to the comedy lab of the acting company Bona La Prima which is established and famous at the local level and seeking to expand the national circuit. MORE INFORMATION


Theatre Allo Scalo was founded in an old building near to the freight depot of San Lorenzo. The meeting between people who shared this project and the place attributed to it its present name and created the atmosphere that outlines the project. Its main feature is a popular and concrete culture. The Rome theatre Scalo di San Lorenzo proposes to the city, residents and passersbys the fruits of its ... MORE INFORMATION
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