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Rome is famous for its art and architecture and offers you a wide range of different and impressive museums. Some Rome museums are well known all over the world, such as the Vatican Museums or the Musei Capitolini, with their incredible ancient Roman collection , but you can also find interesting modern art museums in Rome, such as the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, or the MACRO. Rome-explorer.com has listed for you some of the best and most representative Rome museums.


This is maybe the most impressive of Rome museums, probably one the largest art collection in the world. Visiting the Musei Vaticani is also an incredible occasion to see the Vatican Palaces, including places of enormous artistic beauty and interest such as, the Galleries of the Candelabra, of Tapestries and of Maps, the Apartment of St. Pius V, the Raphael Stanze, and the universally known ...


On this site you'll not only find information about the Galleria Borghese, but also on other Rome Museums, such as the Galleria Spada and the Galleria Corsini. The original sculptures and paintings in the Galleria Borghese date back to Cardinal Scipione's collection and make of the museum one of the most important museums in Rome Here you’ll find an impressive permanent collection of artists ... MORE INFORMATION


The creation of the Rome Capitoline Museums has been traced back to 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV donated a group of bronze statues of great symbolic value to the People of Rome. The vast collections are closely linked to the city of Rome, and most of the exhibits come from the city itself. If you are interested in Roman art the Capitoline are the Rome museums for you. On the site you’ll find ... MORE INFORMATION


This museum is located in the cloister of the breathtaking monumental complex of Santa Maria della Pace, near Piazza Navona. It is one of most recent Rome museums and its exhibitory spaces encompass three floors, for a total area of one thousand three hundred square meters, with areas dedicated to collateral activities such as, seminars, concerts and performances, publishing and audiovisual ... MORE INFORMATION


Another modern art museums in Rome is the Palazzo delle Esposizioni , the largest interdisciplinary exhibition area in the centre of Rome: more than 10,000 square metres of space on three floors which host cultural events and offer services to visitors. Like many other Rome museums, it is located in the very centre of the city, near Termini station. On the site you can plan your visit to the ... MORE INFORMATION


Rome Museums: The Scuderie del Quirinale (Quirinal Stables, also called Papal Stables) was built over ten years, from 1722 to 1732 , but in modern times even if it was located in the very heart of Rome, no more than a handful of Romans knew what lurked behind its closed windows. This is in fact of the most recent museums in Rome, the building was finally restored and opened to the public in ... MORE INFORMATION


If your have already visited the major Rome museums and are in mood for a smaller exhibitory place, which usually holds modern art exhibitions, you can go to The Museo del Corso. This museum was created in Rome in 1999 and is located in the very hearth of the city near Piazza Venezia. On its site you’ll find information about the past and ongoing exhibitions and all the practical information ... MORE INFORMATION


Rome Museums: There are not just ancient art museums in Rome, MACRO’s permanent art collection, for example offers a selection of some of the most significant expressions characterizing the Italian art scene since the 1960s. Works by Italian artists of international repute illustrate how Italian nationals have figured along-side key protagonists of the international art world during recent ... MORE INFORMATION


Explora is a non profit organization, is the first Italian children's museum, primarily designed for children, school and families. Visitors come into contact with facts,phenomena and everyday events: environment, communication, economy, art and new technologies. Children are offered the opportunity to discover the mystery of how things function through observation, touch and experiments, with ... MORE INFORMATION


The art of pasta in Rome,The Museum of Pasta, in its eleven exhibition rooms you will discover eight centuries of the national “first course”, the Italian invention that is the envy of the world. The Museum of Pasta is unique in the world, it is also a "precursor" museum, the first dedicated to a specific food product. The company is based in the Scanderbeg Palace and looks over the square of ... MORE INFORMATION
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