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Do you like Italian fashion? Are you interesting in discovering the best designers’ productions? If you want to go shopping in Rome and know the most famous Italian designers, read below Rome-explorer.com’ suggestions. You will find a list of the greatest Italian names and the location of their boutiques, generally located in the historic centre of Rome.


In 1921 Guccio Gucci opens a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence. After years of working in London’s Savoy Hotel, he combined English high class style to Italian elegance producing exclusive leather goods. Till today a designer as Gucci is an icon for luxury and quality goods, known all over the world. MORE INFORMATION


Rome designer: Hugo Boss is one of the most important brands on the market today. The Hugo Boss collection and their fashion lines are designed covering different groups, from young to adults. The label represents an extraordinary fashion, constantly researching quality and diversity. MORE INFORMATION


In Rome a designer as Missoni represents a status symbol for the lovers of fashion. A long tradition the Missoni brand guarantees high quality clothes manufactured with valuable materials and also the incredible design behind the creations. Walking through Rome a designer important as Missoni is an opportunity to try its fashion. MORE INFORMATION


Ermenegildo Zegna is a great designer in Rome. He belongs to an old family of entrepreneurs that have created a leading multinational company in the men’s luxury clothing industry. His brand is distributed in 80 countries worldwide thanks to the diversification of the offering which ranges from clothing to accessories. You can find Zegna in via Borgognona, in the heart of the shopping Roman ... MORE INFORMATION


Sandro Ferrone is a modern designer in Rome, specialized in women's clothing. His style is original, elegant and attractive and the pricing policy is extremely competitive. In his shops you can find clothes of every size, indeed he has recently designed a new collection, called “Sweet Size” dedicated to oversized women. MORE INFORMATION


Rome designer: Cristina Fusi is a fashion and jewellery designer, she participated in various competitions having had the opportunity to express her expression and show her talent. MORE INFORMATION


Litrico Designer was the first to organize a fashion show together with men and women which had been presented in catwalk shows since the 1950s. A famous tailor that in all these years has combined elegance to quality manufacture, in giving to his clothes a touch of sophistication. MORE INFORMATION


Jessica Harris is an American Fashion Designer living and working in Rome. Her designs are delicate and simple pieces inspired by images of art, antique objects, vintage, culture, irony, and the imaginative ideas conjured up from child-like day dreaming. A Rome designer with the touch of a unique imagination in fusing her design. MORE INFORMATION


Gaia Pace is the Roman designer of creativity. She creates garments for female figures that move with elegance, in an ageless way. Her women are free, curious with an inner desire to change continuously. On her web site you can admire her new collections of clothes that are suited to be dresses both during the morning and the evening. MORE INFORMATION
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