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Rome is the capital of Italian cinema, and is thus a center for Italian cinema culture. There are also many movie theaters that offer films shown in their original language, particularly in English, for Rome's large English speaking community, and the millions of English speaking tourists which pass through Rome every year. Rome-Explorer.com's Rome Cinema guide will help you to find the Rome cinema nearest to you as well as show you what's playing.


Rome cinema - The Cineland, the city of cinema in Ostia, is one of the largest and most historical cinema multiplex in Europe: fourteen multiplex cinemas, a virtual centre, and much more for yuor pleasure. Opportunity to purchase online tickets. The renovated building now houses activities of leisure and culture: a multiplex of 14 screens, a great area for restaurants, a shopping area, and areas ... MORE INFORMATION


Excelsior Cesano is a Rome cinema dealing with films and theatres: it is the result of a very specific cultural project started more than 15 years ago thanks to a group of young fans still engaged in the work of management, planning and organization of the cinema. Volunteers "work" to guarantee the public quality, professionalism and fun. Excelsior proposes a rich programming ranging from ... MORE INFORMATION


The Multisala Adriano is a multiplex located in the center of Rome in Piazza Cavour and has 10 cinemas for the most current programming. It offers a bar service, reservations and purchases online and also a space where you can leave your children during the screening. The location of this Rome cinema is ideal for those who are staying near the Vatican or Piazza del Popolo. MORE INFORMATION


One of the most famous and centrally located cinemas in the center of Rome is the Barberini Multiplex, with 5 cinemas. It is a short walk from the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto. Instead if you want to see a film at a Rome cinema in the vicinity of Saint Peter's there is the Alhambra multiplex, which is operated by the same company. MORE INFORMATION


Scuderie del Quirinale (in Rome), offers its visitors a number of events and exhibition of art either related to the current exhibition or independent, with the aim of enriching and integrating the fruition of the historic building and of its activities. It organize film reviews. The building covers approximately 3000 square meters, over several floors. Wide-open spaces on the second and third ... MORE INFORMATION


Rome cinema - Alphaville is a cineclub that organizes film festivals that focus on art films and cult films from the past and present. The club is located in the culturally active area of Pigneto. The association also organizes frequent meetings and conferences with directors and authors on film. MORE INFORMATION


Cinema Lux has seven cinemas, the largest in the Africano district in Rome between Via Salaria and Via Nomentana. On the website of this Rome cinema you can book seats or inquire about how to organize a birthday party at the cinema, or matinées for schools and associations that wish to book an entire theatre. MORE INFORMATION


The Cinema Farnese is one of the oldest cinemas in Rome. Already in the 1930's in this cinema, which was originally called the Cinema Romano, stage shows were performed before film projections began. It is a Rome cinema that pays great attention to art films and cult films, and is a center for Rome's important cinema culture. MORE INFORMATION


Rome cinema - Cinema Greenwich in Testaccio aims to relive the glorious cinema of the Order of the Salesians, the "Clemson cinema", working in the 20s. It has certain founding members belonging to "The Labyrinth", the historical Film Club in Prati district, that accords to the programming high quality and strictness. Great arts films. MORE INFORMATION


The Stardust Village, is located in a strategic position, rising at the centre of four districts: Eur, Torrino, Mostacciano and Spinaceto. Placed in one of the most populated residential area of the city, Stardust Village is near to the offices of several multinational companies. The website of the multiplex (8 screens) in the vicinity of Castel di Decima, offers information about the programming ... MORE INFORMATION
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