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Italy is famous worldwide for its exceptional wines. If you live abroad and you want to discover the Italian flavours confortably sit in your home, visit Rome-explorer.com’s selection of web sites where you can find the greatest Italian food stores online and buy Italian wines online such as Barolo, Amarone online, Valpolicella, Prosecco, Brunello online, Sicilian wine, Tuscany wine, Chianti online and many other labels.


Italian wine online, as suggested by the name, offers the possibility to select your favourite wine and buy it online. On the web site of Italian wine online you can find hundreds and hundreds of Italian white, red and sparkling wines, such as Lambrusco, Amarone, Dolcetto d’Alba, Merlot, Muller Thurgau, Valpolicella.


Sertoli Salis is specialized in the sale of Italian wine online. It is located in Valtellina, in the North of Italy, the area where the great red wines of Lombardy were born. On its web site you can find many labels of red and white wines and also other Italian food specialities.


Italian wine selection is the wine shop where you can find a wide choice of the finest Italian wines online, selected all over the country. If you scroll its products you will notice that next to the more well-known wines there are also niche labels, perhaps not so famous but of excellent quality: the result of a meticulous search of the most renowned Italian wine producers


Sicilian wine offers a wide choice of Italian wines online. It boasts thousands customers all over the world and about 40 wineries that represent the leading Sicilian wine in many countries. It is based in Trapani, in Sicily, the biggest Mediterranean island, known for its great cuisine and wines. On the web site of Sicilian wine you can find special offers at low prices.


Etna shop is an Italian farm, specialized in the production of high quality food such as olives, grapes, mulberries, quinces, sorbus, apples that after being carefully processed, combine the unique taste and the genuineness of ancient local traditions. In this great Italian food store online, you can buy cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, pastries, Italian wine online, pasta and many other typical ... MORE INFORMATION


Gustibest food shop online has always been very ambitious from the outset; it is an active and dynamic organization characterised by a deep-rooted passion for the territory of Cuneo, in the North of Italy, and for its typical products, for which this area is known all over the world. Here you can find a lot of different kind of Italian food online such as cheese, honey, fruit, pasta, olive oil, ... MORE INFORMATION


If you want to cook Italian specialities abroad go shopping online on Igourmet.com. In this Italian food store online you will find selected and high quality products imported from Italy, including cheese, chocolate, mozzarella, ricotta, Italian wine online, fish, meat, sauces, oils, balsamic vinegars, fruits, vegetables. Moreover you can find also hundreds of traditional Italian recipes to ...


Valtellina is a traditional Italian food store online. It offers the greatest specialities of Italian food online such as excellent wines, marmaledes, honey, cheese, regional products, pasta and pastries. It was born ten years ago and now it is known for its fresh and genuine products. MORE INFORMATION


Antica Salumeria is a traditional Italian food store online. It was born in 1963 with the purpose of offering genuine and high quality Italian products abroad. On its web site you can see a wide array of food with a special attention to cheeses, pastries and Italian wines on line. MORE INFORMATION


Bell'Olio is an Italian food store online located in the South of Italy, in Puglia. It is specialized in the sale of regional products online of this beautiful Italian area, famous for some specialities such as oil, orecchiette pasta, wines online and pastries. On the web site you can buy genuine food and the best Italian wines online. MORE INFORMATION


Drogheria Pedrelli offers high quality Italian food online. Visit the web site and discover the huge variety of traditional Italian products online from jams to cheeses, from pasta to pastries but above all wines and liqueurs. Indeed Pedrelli, born as wine shop, now proposes more than 700 labels of the finest and most prestigious Italian wines on line and a careful selection of grappa, rums, ...


Tamburini is an important Italian food store online located in Bologna, in the North of Italy. Tamburini offers a huge variety of Italian food online but also of regional products online. Here you can find pasta, sausages, wines, cheeses and original ideas to buy great presents. Visit for example the section of Italian wines online and discover the offers for Barolo, Valpolicella, Amarone and ... MORE INFORMATION


Trentino Shop is an Italian food store online, located in the North of Italy. Here you can find every kind of gourment: a great variety of cheeses, olive oils, Italian wine online, pasta, pastries, regional products, grappa and liqueurs. On its home page you can discover the newest products from all the regions of Italy. Visit the web site and order your favourite Italian food online! MORE INFORMATION


Kara Sardinia is a food store online dedicated to the sale of Sardinian products. Here you can find every speciality made in the beautiful Italian island. Visit its site and discover hundreds of regional products online such as wine, olive oil, honey, cheese, pastry, seafood, bread, marmalades, vinegar, spices and many others kind on Italian food online. In particular in the section wine online, ... MORE INFORMATION


Land Overseas is an Italian food store online which offers traditional and regional products such as Italian wines on line. Its best customers come from United States, Canada and Europe. Land Overseas is known for its high quality products and wide selections, as well as its reasonable prices. MORE INFORMATION


Nifeislife is big shop online founded by two Italians that wanted to let UK and Usa consumers discover Italian wine online, as well as provide a service by supplying premium ingredients on a homely delivery. On Nifeislife you can choose among many Italian wines on line, selected from the best of each categories and delivered in a short time. Customers can take advantage of discounts if they ...


Peck is a food store online that offers typical products from Milan, in the North of Italy. On its web site you can buy olive oil, marmalades, honey, Italian wine online such as Amarone, Brunello, Valpolicella, Barolo, accessories for the cellar, cheese, pastries, pasta, whisky, parmesan, mushrooms, sauces, rice, legumes and many other Italian foods online. MORE INFORMATION


Are you looking for genuine Italian products online? Do you want to taste Italian specialities? Ok, visit the site of Tasty Island and you will find a huge selections of Italian regional products online such as honey, marmalades, pastries, mozzarella online, wines, cheeses, olive oils and interesting ideas for food gifts. Discover the best Italian wines online such as Barolo, Valpolicella, ... MORE INFORMATION


Treasures of Sardinia is a typical shop of Italian food online. It is located in Sardinia and offers regional products online from this beautiful Italian island. In this food store online you can buy olive oil, honey, pastries, marmalades, myrtle, good wines, liqueurs, fishing specialities, pasta, rice and other traditional Italian foods online. Take a look at the section Italian wine online and ... MORE INFORMATION


Vignaluna Vinery is a typical wine producer located in Venice, in the North of Italy. The philosophy of this relatively small-scale producer is to make wines that respect the culture of the area. Indeed its wines represent the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. On its web site you can order your favourite kind of Italian wine online. MORE INFORMATION


Vino Point is a typical Italian food store online where you can find traditional products, in particular excellent wines. On its web site you can look for your favourite wine according to its producer or to its label. Among the most important Italian wines online you can buy Amarone, Falanghina, Porto and many others. MORE INFORMATION


Wines Lombardi is an important Italian food store online. It is specialized in the sale of Italian wines on line and offers more than 500 different labels. In this shop online you can order from a great variety of wines and typical Italian products online. Chooce your favourite food category and discover the great offers! MORE INFORMATION


Agricoltural Cooperative Pacentro is based on principles of solidarity and mutual help and pursues, with entrepreneurial spirit, economical and social scopes. Here you can buy Italian regional food online, as for example pasta, oil, tomatoes, sauces, legumes, the best Italian wine online, honey and many other Italian foods online. MORE INFORMATION


If you are looking for Italian food online you can’t miss to visit the online store Ditalia.com. This Italian food store online was founded in 1997 and now delivers Italian products all over the world. On Ditalia.com you can find a wide variety of cheese, pasta, oils, Italian wine online, ham, porcini mushrooms, coffee, beverages, pastries and breads. If you sign up you can receive exclusive ...


Elianto sells Italian products online: from extra virgin oil to tomatoes, from excellent wines to cheese. This Italian food store online in located in the South of Italy and guarantees fresh, genuine and original products. On its home page you can see every week special offers and discounted prices. Here you can find also regional products online from Puglia, as for example oils, cheeses and the ... MORE INFORMATION


Eternal Tastes of Calabria is a particula Italian food store online, specialized in regional products from this region of the Sount of Italy. This business was born by the passion of two brothers interested in spreading the Calabrian tastes worldwide. This shop online sells genuine and homemade products, characterized by high quality and selected ingredients. Here you can find the best Italian ... MORE INFORMATION
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