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Italian fashion boasts the world's most important fashion designers. Fashion has always been an important part of the Italian culture and Italians are well known for their attention to dressing-up well. Italian designers began to become famous in the sixteenth century, when artistic development in Italy was at its peak. Do you love Italian fashion? Do you want to discover new collections by Italian designers such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Diesel, Armani, D&G and many others? Are you interested in buying top brand items online? Ok, Rome-explorer.com can help you to find whatever you are looking for, comfortably sit in your home, proposing a fine selection of web sites where you can admire the Italian fashion online and buy items of the top Italian brands at discounted prices!


From Valenza, the world leader district of the manufacturing of Italian jewels with precious stones, Baia dei Gioielli offers you shining and refined gold jewellery. It has more than 30 years of experience in carring out unique models, on the web site you can see the whole collections and buy your jewels online. MORE INFORMATION


18carati.com is a new web site dedicated to the sale of Italian jewels online. It is specialized in Italian jewelery, realized with diamonds and gemstones. Here you can find jewels for women, men and children, with exceptional prices and discounts up to 60 per cent. If you have to do a present you can also buy a gift voucher from 100 to 1.500 euros. MORE INFORMATION


The ABC Goldsmiths Company aims at artistic creations by using continuous and innovative researches. The product range spreads across different styles, from the simple craftsmen tradition to the original granulation. In can buy your jewels online from all over the world. MORE INFORMATION


Arigiò jewels give the possibility of a wide and sophisticated choice as well as a highly professional service. This site is dedicated to people looking for quality and artistic content of an object realized in a precious material, in a few words to people wishing to own a true jewel, or to give it as a gift. Visit its site and discover the huge offer of jewels online. MORE INFORMATION


Artrè Bottega Orafa proposes unique handmade Italian jewels online in gold, silver and gems. It takes inspiration from the shapes and themes of the great Italian craftsmanship, and offers it to its customers with unchanged enthusiasm, passion, experience, competence and attention since 1987. A new e-shop with a selection of collections of jewels online can be purchased on-line. MORE INFORMATION

ATLAS 1800

Atlas 1800 is specialized in the sale of watches and accessories online. In this shop on line you can buy products of the best international brands such as: Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Omega, Breil,Freiderick, Stein, Claude Valentini, Emporio Armani watches ,Esprit Watches, K-Swiss, Axcent of Scandinavia, Omega watch, Francois Rotier, Invicta Watches.Visit the web site and discover the newest ... MORE INFORMATION


Francesco Belloni personally assembles and mounts diamonds, creating high quality, unbranded jewels. Perfect execution and unique styles make the objects even more precious. Being autonomous permits the Belloni family to offer a savings of 20-30% on market prices of jewels online. MORE INFORMATION


In Big Shoes shop you can find men shoes up to number 53 and women shoes up to 45 for every occasion. Its clients appreciate this brand not only for its quality and its innovative lines, but also for its ability to supply big shoe sizes. Visit the site and discover the selection of Italian shoes online!


Bonprix is a big shop online of clothing, underwear and shoes for women, men and children. Here you can find innovative and trendy offers at attractive and competitive prices. Bonprix proposes a wide selection of shoes online, dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, leather goods, jeans, swimwear, polos, shorts of different styles, casual, elegant, sportive. Bonprix guarantees the delivery in ...


Boschi jewels is dedicated to the online sale of Italian watches, mechanical, automatic rifles, quartz of the best brand: Lorenz, Festina, Chronotech, Comete gioielli, Rosato, Dolce e Gabbana, Morellato, Cavalli, Paciotti, Rebecca. In its web pages you can see the complete catalogue and have whatever you like directly at your address. MORE INFORMATION


In this shop you can buy Italian accessories, shoes, clothes and sunglasses online: snow rackets, eyewear and goggles, woman clothing, men clothing, junior clothing, underwear, shoes, bags and packs, gym, ski-clubs, accessories, trekking and alpinism, mountainbikes. Discover its selection of cheap singlasses online! MORE INFORMATION


Cardi-Italia offers the ultimate solution for wholesale Italian leather bags. It buys and supplys for businesses throughout the UK and Ireland with high quality leather products and has recently expanded the wholesale distribution within Europe the US and Australia. Based near Florence the home of high quality of Italian leather, Cardi Italy delivers on providing genuine Italian accessories ... MORE INFORMATION


Circuiti jewellery is the first official jeweller’s shop online dedicated to sportive people practising tennis, cycling, motocross, rugby. Its purpose is to propose to the jewel market, new forms and new meaning. Its productions represent a perfect fusion between jewels and sport. Check the web site and discover the catalogue of jewels online. MORE INFORMATION


Como brand has been active in the shirt manufacturing field for a long time, at first as manufactured on behalf of big companies. In 1998 it starts to sell clothes online. On its web site you can find: man shirts, woman shirts, child shirts, neck-ties, shorts, riding shirts, jackets and trousers. MORE INFORMATION


Debby Store is located in Biella, Italy, an area that for centuries has been famous for wool production, especially top quality cashmere, baby camel, and other top class fibres, and it is considered the world capital of top-class textiles. You can choice from a wide stock the best Italian accessories online. MORE INFORMATION


Donadoni offers Italian accessories online and sportswear. Since 1989 its Italian based business has specialises in supplying the needs of Traditional Archers. It distributes across Europe as well as exporting throughout the world. MORE INFORMATION


Dreece Italian fashion offers a great choice of women's clothes online, handbags and belts from Italy. This online store is for women who like shopping for fun, casual, smart and trendy clothes at affordable prices. A great selection of stylish clothes to flatter your figure. Shopping in Italy from the comfort of your home is easy when you visit www.dreeceitalianfashion.com MORE INFORMATION


Eblood Clothing was born in 1999 when the idea of creating a technical, stylish and ethical clothing company finally became a tangible reality. Since the first day, as originators of the idea, Eblood Clothins has kept its focus on total quality and style for accessories online and men clothes online. MORE INFORMATION


Eora is an Italian shop online located in Turin, specialized in the sale of watches. In its web site you can find the best brands, such as Bulgari, Rolex, Tissot, Longines, Tudor, Cartier, Hamilton and many others. MORE INFORMATION


Erreci is a big shop specialized in Italian jewels online. On its web site you can skip through new entries and bestsellers on the right side of the screen. Please remember that a purchase become executory only by filling in and confirming all order details and NOT by simply putting items in the cart. You can put all the items you wish in the cart, it is not going to be considered as your ... MORE INFORMATION


Fafion Clothes Men is the shop online dedicated to men that want to be cool and elegant at the same time. On the web site you can find fashion a wide selection of clothes online made in Italy: suit Hand tailored classic, sport coats & blazers. You can find also different Italian brands. MORE INFORMATION


Fedine.net is a firm located in Arezzo which has been producing gold jewels for nearly twenty years. Its experience of years and the continuous wish to improve allow it to offer over 2000 models of Italian jewels online, which are realized with skills and passion, according to the most ancient gold-masters' tradition. MORE INFORMATION


Ghigo is a shoe shop online that sells only made in Italy products. The whole woman assortment starts from the size 31 till the size 46, and from size 36 till size 54 for man. It has more than 30years of experience and offers good price-quality relationship. On the web site you can visualize the stock of Italian shoes online. MORE INFORMATION


Giallo Napoletano realizes Italian handicraft jewels, made of gold. Its products are inspired by the fantasy and the style of important Italian designers. It is a Neapolitan firm, located in the historic centre of Naples. Visit its web site and see its collections of beautiful jewels online. MORE INFORMATION


Giardino offers the best of the made in Italy in the field of watches and jewels online.On its web site you can find top brands and exceptional prices. This firm is located in Milan and it has been working online since 1996. MORE INFORMATION


Giftland is a big shop online where you can buy jewellery and bijoux made in Italy. Box bijoux, natural leaf pendants, swarovski, ethnic necklaces and many other Italian jewels online are available on its web site. MORE INFORMATION


Gila Bijoux is an Italian American company that strives to be totally unique and is very selective in choosing the highest quality materials for its original jewels online. All items are hand-made by skilled craftsmen, and are available in limited quantities. MORE INFORMATION


Since 1980 Gioielloro has been working in the field of Italian gold jewelry, so it can boast a lot of experience in the selling of the best jewels online. On its web site you can find every kind of watch and jewel, from classic to modern with exceptional prices. MORE INFORMATION


On Great Value Silver site you can buy affordable silver gifts and Italian jewels online, including matching earrings and pendants gift sets for her birthday or anniversary, as well as designer and novelty silver cufflinks for him. All its products are available for the same/next working day dispatch! MORE INFORMATION


Haburi sells the best brands. It can boast 10 years of experience in the retail of top designers through the internet. You can find a selection of elegant Italian fashion clothes online for women. Visit the web site and discover the offers! MORE INFORMATION
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