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Many English speaking people toy with the idea of moving to a Mediterrenean country such as Spain or Italy, but with the crisis and all, it's not always easy to find employment, especially if you're looking for English jobs in Italy. The Internet, though, can be rather handy, and you can discover, that it opens many possibilities to those who know where to look for. Rome-explorer.com has decided to select for you some of the best online resources to help you look for English jobs in Italy.


English Jobs Italy: 4 International Careers & Jobs is a major international employment directory selecting and reviewing worldwide top job sites. 4icj.com includes more than 2000 reviewed career resources in 190 countries and is a free starting point to find overseas jobs and work abroad. So if you're looking for English Jobs in Italy, this directory focused on international jobs and working ... MORE INFORMATION


Another good way to find English jobs in Italy, is to look for teaching offers. On this site you'll find teaching jobs all over the world. To find English teaching jobs in Italy, all you have to do is to click on the Teaching in Italy link, down in the homepage. On this site you'll also find valuable information on ESL entrepreneurs, ESL teaching material and ESL students. MORE INFORMATION


Those who are looking for English jobs in Italy, above all in the management field, and have a good level of Italian, can check this Italian site. Curriculumlavoro.it is a good tool to find English jobs in Italy, being Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples. Prepare your CV and letter in Italian and send it to the major head hunters. Special executive services for managers. MORE INFORMATION


English jobs Italy: JobsinMilan.com is a website primarily focused on offering easy access to English jobs in Italy, more specifically in Milan, coupled with smart and useful collaborative features to support job seekers, simply mouse over a job listing to experience the power of Web 2.0. MORE INFORMATION


If you're looking for English jobs in Italy, you can check Learn4Good.com, an international education, employment & travel resource website. Here you'll find an impressive collection of English jobs, in Italy and all over the world, as well as training and voluntary work programmes. MORE INFORMATION


Workcircle is a job search engine, which can help you find English jobs in Italy. The site collects job offers from job boards, agencies and employers across Europe to give you the opportunity of finding the job you were looking for. If you don’t find a job straight away, don't give up, English jobs in Italy always crop up on this search engine and they can send you email alerts to warn you ... MORE INFORMATION


English Jobs Italy: Xpat Jobs is a global provider of skilled jobs for English and foreign language speakers. This site list Italy jobs and English and foreign language jobs abroad. So if you're looking for English Jobs in Italy, you can search through its thousands offers. The site database collect the latest vacancies from the leading employers and agents. MORE INFORMATION
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