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Clothes shopping in Rome

Are you on holiday in the Eternal City? Do you like Italian fashion? Are you interested in clothes shopping in Rome? Ok, here you can find a selection of the best boutiques of the Italian top brands, located in the centre of Rome, in famous shopping streets such as via del Corso, via Condotti, via Cola di Rienzo. Read Rome-explorer.com’ suggestions and go clothes shopping visiting Rome at the same time!


Sandro Ferrone designer is a notorious brand, recognised for its exclusive fashion in women’s clothing. He started in 1958 and slowly though quality and style became a famous name for women’s fashion. Sandro Ferrone trademark is appreciated not only in Italy but also other countries, such as Portugal and the Middle East. The Ferrone spa continuously updates his collection, always satisfying ... MORE INFORMATION


In the 19th century Enrico Caleffi, founded his homonymous firm. He started his business in Rome opening a clothing and accessory shop, in Via Due Macelli in the corner of Via Capo le Case. We are in the Rome of D'Annunzio that is characterized by an élite, who often pass by the shop. Caleffi invents a famous shirt characterized by a very wide collar with two collar buttons, called “alla ... MORE INFORMATION


Clothes shopping in Rome: Davide Cenci is a famous clothing shop in Rome that has continued his tradition since 1926. Davide Cenci gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of assortments, from elegant to casual guaranteeing fashion and elegance. A long tradition in combining British style to unique Italian fashion create an exclusive fashion. Davide Cenci invites you to visit his shop ... MORE INFORMATION


Luisa Spagnoli is a very competitive firm in Italy, if you are interested in elegance and sophistication it is a must during your clothes shopping in Rome. Luisa Spagnoli style tends to combine its long history and tradition with fashion trends and by following the evolution of the market. It is appropriate for those women who want to look young, modern and love to wear fashionable clothes that ... MORE INFORMATION


Fellini has a long tradition for its classical style, enhanced by its originality, through quality fabrics and the combination of colours in producing fine cloths. The tailors touch is the philosophy of Fellini’s creations that express new trends and valuable manufacture in wearing high-class cloths. While clothes shopping in Rome, Fellini brand will surely guarantee high quality fabrics, ... MORE INFORMATION


Giancarlo Piazza means elegance and style in clothes shopping. Piazza personally crafts all his garments, that can be exclusive creations or models inspired by customers. His attentive care is not limited to production, it is extended also to meticulous selection of leathers. All materials come from certified farms complying with international quality requirements. MORE INFORMATION


Clothes shopping in Rome: In Via del Babuino, in the heart of Rome, there is Mario Lucchese. In his shop you will find different style of clothes and also golf accessories. A long tradition in the Lucchese family will guarantee quality and fashion while shopping in Rome. MORE INFORMATION


Erminia Ferrante in 1971 created Nia and still today continues to run the business. She focuses on researching new styles and combining different cloths in manufacturing an unique style. So, if you want to experience the Roman fashion while shopping in Rome Nia Boutique will surely satisfy your taste. MORE INFORMATION


Clothes shopping in Rome: The company was established in 1970 with the criteria of improving and innovating its skills in knitwear. Caterinati gives you the possibility to assist during the creation of the product from the start of the production to the final product. The company consist in fulfilling young customers taste through trend and transformation. MORE INFORMATION


Luciano Lodoli is the shop that you can’t miss in your shopping day if you are looking for a fur. Luciano Lodoli furrier shop stands out for high quality and elegance, dedicated to the ever more demanding women. His furs and accessories are designed with a special attention to comfort and style. Besides the selling, his services include also the modification and the cleaning of furs. You can ... MORE INFORMATION
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