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Car rental rome

Rome public transport are not always very reliable and if you are planning to stay in town for more that a few days you could need a car, especially if you want to visit the beautiful surroundings. It’s not difficult to find a car rental in Rome, but it could a good idea to rent your car online and just having to go and pick it. Rome-explorer.com has selected for you a list of sites so you can chose the Car Rental in Rome, which suits you best.


Another company which offers car rental in Rome is Avis. Costs and rates of its vehicles, together with its wide car fleet, are presented in its website. The fleet of this Rome cart rentals includes the most current vehicles, such as Punto and Lancia Y, vans, Fiat Multipla and off-road vehicles. By visiting the website, you will know all offers by Avis, such as the one for the weekend, and the ... MORE INFORMATION


People arriving at Fiumicino Airport and looking for a car rental in Rome can contact Camor Noleggio: its website gives information about the company’s fleet (estate cars, minibus, caravans, etc.), and offers services such as transfers from and to airports, ports and railway stations, city tours, services for companies, marriages and other ceremonies. On request, it is also available the guide ... MORE INFORMATION


If you want to celebrate a special event or to go for a drive in a vintage car, there are some Rome car rentals which besides renting prestigious cars like Rolls Royce or Bentley, also help you to plan your event. Among them there is Ghisu Autonoleggio, a car rental in Rome which hires luxury and vintage cars for weddings, photo-calls, ceremonies and travel agencies. MORE INFORMATION


Frank Car Rental is an independent car rental in Rome. Their prices compete with those of well known companies, guaranteeing the possibility to book a car at the right price everywhere. In this Rome car rental’s fleet there are several car brands such as: Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Fiat and Opel station wagon or sedan, all the vehicles are constantly renewed every 12/18 months to ... MORE INFORMATION


Car Rental Rome: If you want to rent a car, but you’re looking for something different, Happy Rent is the Rome car rental for you. Here, along the normal modern cars and scooters, you can rent vintage cars with or without driver, vintage Spiders without driver, and also vintage Vespas with or without rider and Bicycles, so to move more quickly and easily in the Roman traffic. This car rental ... MORE INFORMATION


If you’re looking for a car rental in Rome, Maggiore is one of the largest Italian rental companies. Visiting its website, you will be able to find out prices, special offers, and the addresses of its offices. You will also be able to make your estimate online, choosing from a wide variety of car models. Maggiore has several Rome car rental offices for you to choose from. MORE INFORMATION
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