Rome is the largest city in Italy and in addition to its ancient splendor, Rome is a vibrant modern city with lots to do at whatever time of day or night you choose, so if you are interested in adding some local flare to your stay in Rome, do as the Romans do.'s Places to Go in Rome is a list of articles that will help you decide on where to go if you want to explore Rome's nightlife, clubs, restaurants, special events, and concerts. Take a look.

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trattoria rome

Trattoria Rome: Enjoy the Local Flavor

trattoria rome One of the first things you may ask yourself when surveying Rome's gastronomic landscape is ''What is the difference between ristoranti, osterias, and trattorias?'', and the results of your research will lead you to different definitions based on price, ambiance, clientele, and what is on the menu. The truth is that the lines between these places have blurred over time. One thing is certain though. No trip to Rome can be complete without eating in one the city's trattorias. You can find a great variety of trattorias in Rome, from the traditional to the modern, but the thing they all have in common is their social role. The trattoria is where people gather to enjoy good food and wine.'s Trattoria Rome guide will tell you all you need to know to find the best in what Rome has to offer.

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rome culture

Rome Culture: What the Romans Do

rome culture Most people get so wrapped up in the 2,764 years of Rome's history that they pay very little attention to contemporary Rome culture, and the many facets of it that make the Eternal City such an unforgettable, and charming place. Let's not forget that Rome is the largest city in Italy, and the nation's capital. And though Italy's peculiar history makes it somewhat more provincial, on the cultural level it can compete with cities like New York, Paris, and London, and should be approached with an awareness of this fact. Rome is a city where people come to make their dreams come true, and it is no surprise that the city sits at the center of th Italian film industry. But in addition to the people who come to seek their fortune, an important element of Rome culture stems from the generations of original Romans, whose attitude and character shine through in everything they do, and will even rub-off on you.  

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rome neighborhoods

Rome Neighborhoods: How Rome Is Divided

rome neighborhoods Welcome to's guide to Rome neighborhoods. The city of Rome can be divided into various neighborhoods according to a variety of criteria, which vary from very technical to more subjective boundaries, and also have a lot to do with historical periods. Many people classify the different neighborhoods in Rome according to the most important monuments that are found there, or according to the nearest subway stop, but this is a practice that doesn't always work and may lead to some confusion. Knowing more about Rome neighborhoods will also help you to understand aspects of the Eternal City's history that most visitors, or foreigners living in Rome are not aware of. Let's take a look. 

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italian ice cream gelato

Experience Italian Ice Cream: Gelato

italian ice cream gelato Enjoying Italian ice cream is a twelve month affair in Italy and Rome is no exception to the rule. Another thing that you will soon be aware of if you have never tried Italian ice cream, is that there is a reason to insist on it being known by the different name, gelato. For ice cream and gelato, as you will soon discover, are two very different things, and it will become clear to you as soon as you taste it. Gelato is the result of tradition, quality ingredients, craftsmanship, hot summers, and the Italian propensity for having a sweet tooth. Read on, and we will take you on a short journey through the history of gelato, and the best Italian ice cream shops, or gelaterie, in Rome.

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Campo dei Fiori restaurants

Campo dei Fiori Restaurants: A Magic Atmosphere

campo dei fiori restaurants rome

No stay in Rome can be complete without spending a pleasant evening in the magical atmosphere of one of the most characteristic and history ridden squares in Rome. Piazza Campo dei Fiori, known for the writer and philosopher Giordano Bruno who was burnt at the stake for heresy here in the year 1600, as well as the early-morning outdoor produce market,  is also known for the frenzy that occurs here particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. Foreigners and locals mingle here so Campo dei Fiori restaurants are a great place to to rub shoulders with the Eternal City's past and present. 

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Holidays in Rome

Holidays in Rome: Some Useful Ideas

holidays in rome

Are you planning holidays in Rome? Arriving in a metropolis like Rome for vacation, it is recommended to have a good idea of the places you want to visit and how you want to get around the city, all in order to avoid unecessary stress and confusion. will help you point out where to go, so you can get the most out of  your holidays in Rome. A list of museums, restaurants and shops in the Eternal City will allow you to spend spend a pleasant day without wasting valuable time on your trip.


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San Lorenzo restaurant

San Lorenzo Restaurant: Another Side of Rome

san lorenzo restaurant San Lorenzo’s neighbourhood is  right next to the main Roman university, La Sapienza. So, even if is not in the oldest part of the city, this is a young, interesting, laid back area, where students, but not only them, hang out in an informal and lively atmosphere. The impressive number of pubs, clubs and restaurants in San Lorenzo, witnesses the vibrancy of the neighbourhood, but makes it sometimes difficult to chose. If you want to experience a San Lorenzo restaurant, this Rome-explorer’s article could be of some help. Enjoy it and pick the San Lorenzo restaurant which suits you best!

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Trastevere restaurant

Trastevere Restaurant: The Roman Dining Experience

Trastevere restaurant: the Roman dining Trastevere is a very famous Roman neighborhood, not only for its ancient buildings and picturesque narrow streets, but also for its nightlife. In Trastevere restaurants, pubs and pizzerias are allover and this district that never sleeps offers unique nightlife and cool lifestyle, also being a very safe area of Rome. If you’ve decided to go to a Trastevere restaurant, in this article you’ll probably find some useful suggestions to make your night out in Rome a real Roman experience!

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Jazz in Rome

Listen to Jazz in Rome!

Jazz in Rome

The Eternal City is certainly not New Orleans, but those who love jazz, in Rome will have a few nice places to pop in and enjoy some good concerts or jam sessions. This's article will review some of the most famous jazz clubs in Rome where you may have a nice time and relax listening to the great hits of live jazz music. Enjoy our article and some jazz in Rome!

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Rome gay

The Rome Gay Scene

Rome gay If you’re going to come to Rome and would like to know a little more about Rome gay scene, you can check this article and get a feel for gay Rome before you arrive. Whether you are planning to dance the night away and make new friends in one of the great gay bars or clubs, or looking for Rome gay friendly hotels, restaurants, shops and beaches, in this Rome-explorer article you will find some useful tips. Rome gay scene is just a click away!

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