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Rome Job

Rome Jobs: Some Useful Tips

rome job If you’re considering moving abroad or travelling the world, Italy could be a starting point. British and US citizens can find a Rome job relatively easily and take up employment with the requirement of a work permit or special visa. If you come from any other nation you will need a working visa or permit to find a job in Rome, for information on how to apply and criteria of eligibility address your nearest Italian consulate or embassy.  If you’re interested in finding a Rome job, in this article we look at some of the alternatives available to you.

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Working Rome

Working in Rome

working rome If you’re going to move to Rome you need to know how the Italians work and how you should be doing business and working in Rome when living there as an expatriate, because to get on and get ahead in any nation and in any profession it is important to understand business etiquette. In this article you'll find some very useful tips on working in Rome and how to relate to your new Italian employers and colleagues.

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Au pair Italy

Au Pair Italy: A Life Experience

au pair italy If you are English-mother-tongue and want to work as an au pair in Italy, there are plenty of opportunities. Loads of families are looking for someone to interact with their children in English, without giving them proper lessons. Italian children, in fact,  are supposed to learn English at school, but most of the time it is taught by an Italian who has second hand knowledge of the language. That's why for an English speaking au pair, Italy could be the perfect place to find work. In this article you will find some useful tips about working as an au pair in Italy and also some information on au pair agencies in Rome and Milan.

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Work in Rome

How to Work in Rome

Work in Rome If you’re an English mother-tongue is not that difficult to find work in Rome, obviously a lot depends on your Italian level and on your qualifications. But working in Rome, especially for a non EU citizen can be sometimes rather complicated from the bureaucratic point of view, since Italian red-tape is often chaotic and difficult to handle for a foreign person. has decided to devote an article on how to work in Rome, so to give you some useful tips and get easier your working in Rome.

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Working Italy

Working in Italy: Useful Tips

Working Italy Italy is certainly a beautiful country and the relaxed way of living makes it an ideal choice for those who are searching for a way out of the rat race in America or elsewhere. But if you’re planning to relocate and working in Italy, you better bear in mind that  finding work here can be rather hard sometimes due to a very high unemployment rate. Being an English mother tongue can be a real asset for working in Italy, but being a foreign never is, so has devoted an article to the topic, in order to give you useful tips about working in Italy.

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Job in Rome

How to find a job in Rome

Job in Rome Living in the Eternal City can be an exciting experience, but it’s not always easy to find an English speaking job in Rome. So if you’re thinking about coming for more than an holiday break and you’re looking for a job in Rome, can help you chose right from the start the option which will suit you better. In this article you’ll find some useful tips about looking for a job in Rome and working in Italy.

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Teaching Rome

Teaching in Rome: Where and How

Teaching Rome The number of English language schools in Rome has increased enormously in the last ten years, so if you come for teaching in Rome and you have some basic qualifications, you’re pretty sure to find a job, sooner or later. But teaching in Rome cannot be so easy, red-tape and cultural differences are scattered along the path. This’s article could probably help you finding your way  and getting some good teaching jobs in Rome.

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Job Rome

Find a Job in Rome with

Job Rome is looking for English mother tongue web editors and web translators with proved SEO and web marketing experience to put to work on this English language site based in Rome. So if you think you qualify and are interested in collaborating with us don't hesitate to enquire. If you don’t have the required experience, but you’re interested in this field, our company also gives you the chance of doing a free course-internship. Here is what offers and what you could learn in our office.

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