Welcome to's list of articles on Guides and Transport in Rome. These articles are the result of our experience with the fundamental needs of tourists visiting Rome. You will most likely have time constraints due to the fact that there so much to see in Rome, but don't let that keep you from doing the things you've set your heart on. The Guides and Transport Rome articles below will help you with logistical planning and saving time during your sight-seeing, so make the list, plan the route, and go.

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rome prices

Rome Prices: What You Will Spend

rome prices One of the most important aspects of planning your trip to Rome or even living in Rome is familiarizing yourself with Rome prices. Like comparing any other aspects of cities, prices in Rome are very different from other destinations, and understanding these prices, as well as the dynamics behind them will enrich your experience of Rome. 

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rome tips

Rome Tips: Have a More Enjoyable Trip

rome tips Whatever the length of your stay in Rome, has a number of tips in its pages that will help you to have a more enjoyable trip. If you are visiting Rome for a short period of time, following our Rome tips will allow you to eliminate the ''trial by error'' approach that could in the end influence the quality of your trip to Rome. The following short selection has been compiled as a list of the most important tips for visiting Rome, and address the fundamental aspects of spending any length of time in the Eternal City.

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rome online The Complete Guide to Rome Online

rome online is the English language result of the years of experience and success enjoyed by the number one guide to Rome online in Italian, With some 40,000 visitors per month, has become the one stop guide to Rome online for thousands of people everyday. has now been introduced to provide the same level of quality and extensive information on the web in the English language with the commitment of becoming the same kind of point of reference as a guide to Rome online in English. In the text below you will be able to discover just what offers, how we're different, and the best way to sift through this authoritative guide to Rome online.

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Rome Bus Routes

Some Information on Rome Bus Routes

rome bus routes Public transport in Rome, we regret to say, is not as effective and comfortable as it should be in such a big city, mostly due to the unpredictability of Rome's traffic and lack of a number of Metro lines. Since buses are the main public means of transport, the network of Rome bus routes is pretty extensive and intricately intertwined. Bus routes in Rome can sometimes be a puzzling mystery for tourists visiting Rome, partly because of the lack of information on bus stop signs and buses themselves, and partly because of the sudden and frequent changes of bus routes due to street work. There are also occasional large public events, demonstrations, or strikes that affect the bus lines. In order to help you find your way around the unforgettable Eternal City, has devoted an article to Rome bus routes.

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Rome airport taxi

Rome airport taxi service: instructions for use

Rome airport taxi Public transport in Rome can be a rather testing experience, especially for foreign people, so often tourists, even the most budget conscious, prefer to fork out some money on a taxi from airport. We are not saying that taking a Rome airport taxi would be a bad choice, but it surely can have some catches. This article will give you some useful tips on Rome airport taxi services and help you dealing with them in the best possible way.

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Ciampino transfer

Ciampino Transfer service: a good solution

Ciampino transfer Rome has two major airports, the main one, Leonardo da Vinci, still frequently known by its old name, Fiumicino, is mostly devoted to scheduled flights and Ciampino which handles mainly charter, low cost flights and business aviation. Thanks to the ever increasing importance of low cost European airlines, Ciampino’s importance has grown considerably over the last several years. Thousands of passengers transit through this airport everyday, so has decided to devote an article to Ciampino transfer services.

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Rome airport train

Rome Airport Train: the quickest way to the city

Rome airport train Are you going to land to Rome Airport? The Train could be the right solution to get into town. Is quick, frequent, easily accessible and not so expensive. If you want to get to and from Fiumicino by train, you can chose between the Leonardo Express , a direct non stop Rome airport train to and from Termini, the main transport hub in Rome city centre, and a cheaper alternative, a stopping train that runs more frequently and connects with the Rome Metro at Piramide and Tiburtina stations and with suburban trains at Ostiense. In this article you will find some useful information to chose between Rome airport train Leonardo Express and on the other local Fiumicino train.

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Rome Cabs

Rome Cabs: how not to get ripped off

rome cabs Going around by cab in Rome can be far more easier than waiting for a long time for crowded buses or having to rely on the negligible Rome Metro network. But Rome cabs can also be very expensive, because of the serious traffic issues of the city, because Rome cabs fares are higher than in most other European countries and, last but least, because not all Roman taxi drivers are exactly honest. So cabs in Rome can be a good solution if you have to cover short or medium distances within the centre and above all, if you know how to deal with them and be sure not being ripped off. This is a small, but precious guide on Rome cabs.

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Rome Taxis

Some information on Rome Taxis

rome taxis Due to the heavy and unpredictable circulation of Rome, taxis might be the most expensive way to get around the city, even if the compact historic centre makes taxis in Rome a convenient way to get from site to site. Your trips will be agreeable and you wont get ripped off, if you bear in mind some basic rules and tips, that is going to give in this article on Rome taxis.

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Rome shuttle

Rome shuttle service

Rome shuttle There are many ways to get to Fiumicino or Ciampion airports, but indisputably booking a Rome shuttle service is one of the easiest and most comfortable ones. Those who are looking for a budget conscious solution, will be pleased to discover that if they’re travelling in small groups or with their family, choosing a Rome airport shuttle might not be as expensive as they thought, since there might not be a great difference between the fares of direct trains for Termini station and sharing a Rome shuttle service’s car or minivan.

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