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Wedding reception Rome

Wedding Reception in Rome: Organize an Elegant Party in the Eternal City

Italy offers many charming and suggestive locations where you can organize the party for the most important day of your life. If you want to get married in an Italian city, why don’t you choose a wedding reception in Rome? The Eternal City can propose different solutions to make your wedding reception perfect. If you need help to find the ideal place for celebrating your wedding, can suggest you a selection of web sites that offer great proposals for wedding reception in Rome.  

Wedding Reception in Rome: Organize an Elegant Party in the Eternal City Sponsored links

Like the dress or the church, a perfect wedding needs a special location for the reception which reflects the newlyweds’ style. If you want to celebrate your wedding reception in Rome you will find hundreds of interesting proposals, because the Eternal City can offer historical residences, castles, villas, luxury hotels and classy restaurants.

Wedding reception Rome: Brancaccio Palace
Brancaccio Palace is placed in the centre of Rome, near the ancient walls of Oppio hill. It is a perfect example of an exclusive and refined wedding reception in Rome, particularly suitable for those who look for a touch of elegance. The palace can accommodate up to 900 guests, but it is available also for small weddings of 50 guests..
Wedding reception Rome:  Scuderie Odescalchi
If you are looking for a villa in the outskirts of Rome to celebrate your wedding discover Scuderie Odescalchi, a suggestive villa on the lake of Bracciano, a few kilometres from the capital. The location is perfect for wedding receptions. Here you can accommodate your guests also for the might, indeed the villa offers elegant and spacious rooms that overlook the enchanting lake.
Wedding reception Rome:  Orsini Odescalchi Castle
On the southern shore of the lake Bracciano you can find the Orsini Odescalchi Castle, a feudal ancient residence. Built in the fifteenth century, today the castle is an historical museum and represents one of the most luxury locations where you can organize your wedding reception in Rome.
Wedding reception Rome: Villa Appia Antica
Another villa where you may celebrate your wedding reception  in Rome is Villa Appia Antica. Here weddings are celebrated with elegance and professional catering companies. For a very special night you can also lodge in the villa which has four double rooms and an imperial bridal suite.
Wedding reception Rome: Villa Marta Madama
Another worthwhile Roman villa is Villa Marta Madama in Genzano. The villa is dip into a majestic park of chestnut trees and for centuries it has been a meeting point for social, historical and artistic events. The complex can give hospitality to three hundred people, offering the best services and comforts of a modern place, characterized by a pleasant stay in cosy and reserved rooms. It is ideal for a special wedding reception in Rome.  
Wedding reception Rome: Rinaldo all’Acquedotto
Rinaldo all’Acquedotto is an elegant restaurant, a medieval complex located in via Appia Nuova, one of the main street in Rome. Here you may find spacious rooms, composed of three halls arranged on two levels, this is ideal if you have invited many guests to your wedding reception because it can accommodate up to 1100 guests.


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