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Wedding dresses Italy

Wedding Dresses in Italy: Luxury Gowns

Are you planning on getting married in Rome, or some other part of Italy? In perfect Italian custom you will need a beautiful and memorable wedding dress. So if you love Italian fashion and culture why don't you choose wedding dresses in Italy? Italian brands can offer you great models of wedding dresses, and accessories. Discover the best Italian ateliers where you can admire, and try on unique models. Wedding dresses in Italy also gives you the possibility of creating your own custom wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses in Italy: Luxury Gowns Sponsored links

The wedding dress is probably one of the first things you will choose during the organization of your big day. Surely you want it to be perfect, original, and elegant. can help you to find your ideal wedding dress in Italy by suggesting a selection of the most famous, and important Italian wedding dress ateliers.  We also offer a complete sectiom dedicated to weddings in Rome.

Wedding Dresses Italy: Carnevali Atelier 
If you like shopping centers like I Granai, and La Romanina in Rome, you can visit Carnevali Spose which proposes thousands of Italian wedding dresses for each season guaranteed by its 65 years of experience. On the web site you will be able to see its fashion shows, and take a look at online catalogues of the newst collections. There is also a section dedicated to amateur photos taken on the wedding day. You can book an appointment by filling in the form. 

Wedding Dresses Italy: Elvira Gramano Atelier
In the Cinecittà Due shopping center in Rome you can go to Elvira Gramano Atelier where there are refined Italian wedding dresses, as well as important accessories such as shoes, bags, and bridal lingerie. On its web site you can admire the collections from 1997 to 2009. The wedding dress style is inspired by flowers, is original, and highly fashionable. 

Wedding Dresses Italy: Marsil Atelier
You can find refinement and tradition in Marsil Atelier. This is a famous international atelier distinguished by two collections: the Haute Couture line and Prèt à Porter line. The first line is sober and elegant, the second one is characterized by more original dresses such as corsages decorated with pearls or floral decorations, French laces, fitted button-through dresses, and silk skirts. In this atelier you can find all kinds of accessories, shoes, gloves, jewels, pochette, underwear, and voiles. The web site gives you accurate information. The shops are located in Via F.Crispi, 84 and Via della Purificazione, 48 in Rome.

Wedding Dresses Italy: Berardinucci 
Enzo Berardinucci combines tradition and fashion experimentation. Indeed he is inspired by traditional Italian wedding dresses, but then he adds personal touches such as pieces of fabric of unusual length. On the website you will  have answers to your questions by filling in the form, or writing an e-mail. You may also look at his collections: Aurora, Azzurra, Astrid, Colette, Deeplove, Delice, and so on. This Italian wedding dress shop is in the center of Rome in Trastevere

Wedding Dresses Italy: Peter Langner
Peter Langner is an Italian boutique of wedding dresses in Rome, known all over the world. The collections offered are Langner Couture and Peter Langner in addition to some wedding accessories. Langner Couture is an elegant line made of sought after fabrics, taffeta, and precious embroideries. The Peter Langner collection is an essential and minimal line. The web site highlights fashion events organized in the world and allow you to see photo galleries and find useful advice for your wedding dress in Italy.




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