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Trevi Fountain Rome

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is the biggest and the most famous fountain in Rome. Everyone who comes to Rome is invited to throw a coin into its water, in order to avoid bad luck and to ensure a trip back to Rome again in the future. This monument was built by Pope Clement XII with a double purpose, that of bringing a fresh water source to this area of Rome, and to build a ''magnum opus'', a great work to mark his papacy. Let's go and see its history, a description, as well as how to get there.

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Trevi Fountain Rome: History
The history of the Trevi Fountain in Rome goes back to the ancient Roman thermal baths and the virgin aqueduct, in fact, it was built in Rome to bring water to the thermal baths next to the Pantheon, and a part of that water was conveyed to the Trevi Fountain. The name of the aqueduct comes from an ancient legend. The place where the water sprang was shown by a young lady, in Latin "virgo". The virgin aqueduct, although partly destroyed by barbaric invasions, still worked for a long time. At the beginning of the XV century, a big bath of water was built by the Pope Nicholas V, but the fountain of Giovan Battista Alberti was very important for the people of Rome also because allowed them to use spring water again after three centuries of using Tiber river water. The original bath of water was opposite to the actual one and Pope Urban VIII asked Gian Lorenzo Bernini to renovate the Square and the whole area. After some problems linked to beaurocracy and shortness of funds, Niccolò Salvi decided to tell the story of the virgin water through architecture and sculpture. Work started in 1732 and finished in 1762.

Trevi Fountain Rome: Description
The Trevi Fountain is very Baroque from an architectural point of view. In the middle there is an arch, with Clement XII's coat of arms. Under the arch there is the Ocean statue over a floating shell towed by sea horses. Under this central structure there are rocks and greenery. On its sides, there are two statues representing Abundance and Health, brought by fresh and pure water. Many artists worked on the Trevi fountain and its statues, such as Niccolò Salvi, Giovan Battista Maini -for the Ocean's structure - , and Pietro Bracci.
Trevi Fountain Rome: How to Arrive
TheTrevi Fountain in Rome is in the very city center and the fastest way to arrive there is by Rome Metro, taking the A Line and getting off at the Piazza Barberini stop.
By bus, take the bus number 175 from Termini Station.

Trevi Fountain Rome: Where to Stay
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Trevi Fountain Rome: Where to Eat
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Trevi Fountain Rome: What to Do
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