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Trattoria Rome: Enjoy the Local Flavor

One of the first things you may ask yourself when surveying Rome's gastronomic landscape is ''What is the difference between ristoranti, osterias, and trattorias?'', and the results of your research will lead you to different definitions based on price, ambiance, clientele, and what is on the menu. The truth is that the lines between these places have blurred over time. One thing is certain though. No trip to Rome can be complete without eating in one the city's trattorias. You can find a great variety of trattorias in Rome, from the traditional to the modern, but the thing they all have in common is their social role. The trattoria is where people gather to enjoy good food and wine.'s Trattoria Rome guide will tell you all you need to know to find the best in what Rome has to offer.
Trattoria Rome: Enjoy the Local Flavor Sponsored links
Trattoria Rome: A Quick Definition
There are almost as many trattorias in the center of Rome as there are bars. Trattorias are generally speaking informal and familiar places where people gather to eat good food and drink wine. You are supposed to feel at home in a trattoria, kind of like you're supposed to feel in a pub, only your main purpose there is to eat. The trattoria is really an Italian social institution which satisfies the important need to interact, eat, and drink in Italian culture. The food served is rigorously Italian, and the recipes are usually local, though in a big city like Rome, you can find other Italian regional cuisine.

Trattoria Rome: Near the Pantheon and Piazza Navona
There are a very high concentration of dining options in this area of Rome. To eat well, it is a good idea not to go to places that have someone standing out front trying to coerce you to chose that particular restaurant. One particualry good sleek and modern trattoria is Trattoria, where tradition, passion, and creativity combine to serve the best in Sicilian regional cooking. Trattoria is located between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. If you are looking for a different style restaurant in this area you can consult Restaurants: Piazza Navona for a wider choice. 

Trattoria Rome: The Monti Neighborhood 
Monti is one of Rome's most characteristic neighborhoods nestled between the Colosseum and Via Nazionale. It is also a very lively neighborhood, and is great for finding trattorias and wine bars. One of the most famous is La Carbonara, which is located on Via Panisperna which connects Largo Magnanapoli to Santa Maria Maggiore. Despite its long history La Carbonara has kept up with the times, and attracts a very ''in'' crowd. The prices are also hard to beat.

Trattoria Rome: Near the Trevi Fountain
As one of Rome's most heavily trodden tourist paths, the area around the Trevi Fountain is littered with tourist traps. This does not mean, however, that there aren't any good trattorias to choose from. One such place is Antica Trattoria Tritone which is like stepping into history. This trattoria was founded as an inn in the year 1800, pand has maintained its historic atmoshere. Antica Trattoria Tritone serves traditional Roman cuisine.

Trattoria Rome: Near Saint Peter's Basilica
Another neighborhood style trattoria can be found in the Prati area near St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. Trattoria Ai Villini is a classic local restaurant catering mostly to the inhabitants of Prati, and obviously others on the hunt for the authentic Roman dining experience.

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