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Trastevere restaurants

Trastevere Restaurants: Good Food Across the River

Unless you are staying in Trastevere, or near the Vatican, this typical Roman neighborhood will definitely be across the river from you. Trastevere is the ideal zone to take in the original atmosphere of Rome without spending loads of money. Pubs and Trastevere restaurants are cheaper options for fun and unforgetable nights out in Rome, eating, drinking, and listening to good music at a reasonable price. Let's take a look at the best restaurants in Trastevere for you to spend your evening in, as well as what to do after your meal.

Trastevere Restaurants: Good Food Across the River Sponsored links

Trastevere is one of the best corners of Rome to have a meal out and take a stroll afterwards, whatever the time of day, for lunch, or dinner. Whether you are looking for pizza, Roman specialties, upscale Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, or more international fare, Trastevere Restaurants have it all.

Trastevere Restaurants: Pizzerias
Roman pizza is thin crusted and very crunchy compared to its Neapolitan counterpart, and may even be served slightly charred around the edges. Naturally Trastevere is as good of place as any to savour this local wood-burning oven cooked specialty. Roma Sparita is an excellent choice for the pizza, and also offers a number of other dishes on the menu if your group is not decided on what to have for dinner. This Trastevere restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and is located on the southern side of Viale Trastevere just before the Tiber River. 

Trastevere Restaurants: Roman Specialties
Rome's array of recipes can and must be explored in Trastevere. Hearty pasta dishes, and rich meat-based second courses or the order of the day, though fish is also usually eaten in Rome at least once a week. There are also some rare finds to be ordered, depending on the season, such as deep fried artichokes and other recipes that have stemmed from the local Jewish community, which is the oldest in Europe. La Cisterna offers original Roman specialties with the pleasant background of traditional Roman folk songs, and after dinner customers can go on a tour of the restaurant's underground level which includes an ancient well and other evidence of Trastevere'a ancient past.

Hostaria La Botticella is another excellent choice if you are looking to try Rome's regional cuisine, and want a menu that is chock full of it. You should also try the excellent house wine, if you feel somewhat overwhelmed by the wine list. Rome's local wine production is also of an astoundingly high quality.

Trastevere Restaurants: Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine
Trastevere is also home to restaurants that veer off from the Roman culinary traditions and Spirito Di Vino has without a doubt one of the most integrated menus that can be best described as a sort of Mediterranean fusion. The restaurant is located in the heart of one of the oldest parts of Trastevere, and offers diners a wonderfully elegant atmosphere with delicious food.

Trastevere Restaurants: What to Do When Your Meal is Through
There are a number of possibilities. No time spent in Trastevere is complete without a walk down Via della Lungaretta to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. From where you can turn down one of streets at the end of the piazza to explore shops, or Trastevere Pubs until you reach the famous Roman rendezvous at Piazza Trilussa. 

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