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termini station

Termini Station: Rome's Train Station

Termini Station is the most important train station in Rome. The Termini station, or Stazione Termini, as we know it today was inaugurated in 1950, for the Jubilee and replaced the old wooden building of 1867. Termini station is the busiest Italian railway station in terms of daily trains, about 800 per day. gives you some useful information about its history and how to get there.


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Termini Station: History
With the new Rome to Frascati line, inaugurated in 1856 and the Rome to Civitavecchia line in  1859, the question to be answered was building one big railway station in Rome or one station for each line. So, under pressure from Monsignor de Merode, the first railway station was built in the  Termini area.
The first station was built in 1862 and inaugurated in 1863 with the name of  Stazione Centrale delle Ferrovie Romane. Works for the new railway station started immediately, but when Rome became part of the Kingdom of Italy the works had to be interrupted  Works finished in 1874. Termini station had 2 buildings, one for arrivals and the other one for departures, linked by a big canopy. Under the canopy there were 6 tracks, 2 of them with no sidewalks. Outside the canopy there was the railway goods yard, the locomotive deposit and maintenance center.

The front side of Termini station was 200 meters forward and covered most of Piazza dei Cinquecento. In 1883 the electric lighting system was activated under the canopy and inside the station.

During the thirties work to renew Termini station was carried out and a new Termini Station was built, bigger and more adapted to new needs. The project for the new station was approved in 1939 and the old building was destroyed. Works were interrupted in 1943 because of the collapse of fascism and the civil war inside the Italian territory. After the war the project was abandoned and they held a new contest, won by  Montuori and Vitellozzi architects.

Termini station was finally built and inaugurated in 1950. Renewed in 2000 for the Jubilee, Termini Station, Rome is a very important place for tourists and Roman people. If you want more information about Termini Station or about any other Italian train station you can check the site of Grandi Stazioni.

Termini Station: Characteristics
Termini station has got a terminal of 29 tracks. Through an ACC system, active since 2003 and the first one in Italy, the trains traffic is regulated. In the past the railway station needed a lot of people which worked together to regulate trains traffic, now, there’s a huge screen where you can check the situation of each track.

Termini Station: How to Get There
You can get to Termini Station, Rome,  by taking the tube, A and B line or by bus, tram and trolley.

By Bus:
105 - 714 - 40express - 64 - 101 - H - M - 910 - 36 - 175 - 38 - 310 - 217 - 5 -14

By Tram:

By Trolley:
75 - 84 - 70 - 150express - 360 - 492 - 649 - 590 - C2 - C3

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