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Teaching Rome

Teaching in Rome: Where and How

The number of English language schools in Rome has increased enormously in the last ten years, so if you come for teaching in Rome and you have some basic qualifications, you’re pretty sure to find a job, sooner or later. But teaching in Rome cannot be so easy, red-tape and cultural differences are scattered along the path. This’s article could probably help you finding your way  and getting some good teaching jobs in Rome.
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Work opportunities abound for English teachers in the big Italian cities, such as Milan or Rome. Although due to the ever increasing number of English speaking people in Italy, standard required qualifications for teaching in Rome got pretty high. So, even if is not always a necessity, for your own peace of mind and in order to get better teaching jobs in Rome, you may want to invest in a short intensive course in teaching English (TEFL), and get CELTA or its American equivalent. Completion of a training course is essential for prospective English teachers without a college degree. First thing you should do for teaching in Rome is to copy a list of schools from the Italian yellow pages (Pagine Gialle), also available on-line; read the classified columns of the local papers; check notice boards in likely locations such as universities, TEFL training centers, English language bookshops (where you should also notice which EFL materials are stocked), places frequented by expatriate teachers and you could also check our pages Jobs in Rome and Job in Rome. After putting together a list of potential employers, try to locate the schools, phone them or send you CV by email and try to arrange a meeting with the director or academic director of studies. If you are really keen on teaching in Rome, be perseverant, talk to as much as school directors as possible, even if an initial chat does not result in a job offer, you may learn something about the local TEFL scene that will help you at the next interview, especially if you ask lots of questions. There is someway a bias towards hiring British people as indicated by the names of the main language school chains, the British Schools Group, British Colleges, British Institutes and so on, but there are also those willing to hire qualified Americans, such as Interlingue School of Languages or international American schools such as the American Overseas School of Rome. International schools are a very good option, compared to private languages schools, for they provide steadier and often better paid teaching jobs in Rome. Southlands English School, for example, is a long established private independent day school for boys and girls. For teaching in this Rome school you should know that it follows the British National Curriculum and has pupils of over 50 different nationalities. The British International School of Rome is another independent school situated on the outskirts of the city on a spacious site in La Storta. The school was founded in 1958 and cater for boys and girls from the age of 3 to 18. Marymount International School is a private, Catholic day school for kids aged 3 through grade 12 (American curriculum). For teaching in this Rome school, you better know that is one of the oldest and best known international schools in town and its teachers should submit to very strict rules and standards.

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