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Rome Tips: Have a More Enjoyable Trip

Whatever the length of your stay in Rome, has a number of tips in its pages that will help you to have a more enjoyable trip. If you are visiting Rome for a short period of time, following our Rome tips will allow you to eliminate the ''trial by error'' approach that could in the end influence the quality of your trip to Rome. The following short selection has been compiled as a list of the most important tips for visiting Rome, and address the fundamental aspects of spending any length of time in the Eternal City.
Rome Tips: Have a More Enjoyable Trip Sponsored links
Rome Tips: Traffic and Transportation
Ask anyone about the traffic in Rome, and whether they've been to the city or not the most probable response you will here is ''chaos''. This description is not far off the mark, as you will have to be prepared to dodge vehicles on the sidewalks as well at times. If you happen to rent any kind of vehicle in Rome, bikes and scooters included (see Bici & Baci), you are prayed to move about with extreme caution, or you could very easily get hurt (or worse). Though it may seem like all is permited on the streets of Rome, don't think that the same applies for pedestrians. You will be risking enough crossing the cross-walks, so don't think that you can cross wherever you want, or stroll down the middle of the street. The best way to get the feel of Rome is to go around on foot, or by ATAC buses. If you need to get across town in a hurry, and you happen to be close to a stop, the Rome Metro is very quick. For tourists, or those looking to get a new perspective on Rome, there are a number of double-decker, open air Rome bus tours.

Rome Tips: Dining in the Right Restaurants
Rome is filled with great restaurants, but it is also filled with tourist traps. One certain way to tell the the tourist traps from restaurants of the higher order is that tourist traps usually have someone out in front who will  try to coerce you in broken English to sit down and have a meal. Other things to look out for are international flags flying everywhere, as well as the clientel. If all you see are tourists eating in dead silence, you definitely want to avoid the place. The best restaurants in the center of Rome usually cater to a mixed crowd, and some good advice is to decide yourself (not be decided for) where to eat, go in, and enjoy a wonderful meal. has an extensive guide to restaurants in different areas of Rome, so check out Campo de' Fiori Restaurants, Trastevere Restaurants, Testaccio Restaurants, and our restaurant directories to make an educated choice.

Rome Tips: How to Spend Less
There is no getting around the fact that Rome is an expensive city to live in, as well as to visit. Add the exchange rate to the US Dollar, and at times your eyeballs might pop out of your head. One thing to remember is that sales tax is already figured into the price, and that it is only necessary to tip (as little as 10% is considered stratospheric) if you can define your restaurant experience as exceptional. Most Italians leave a couple of euros. If you are arriving at the airport in Fiumicino, it is easy and inexpensive to get directly to Termini, in the center of Rome, by train. Those arriving at Ciampino can do the same, but it is a little less convenient if you have a lot of baggage. One great way to limit the amount you spend out at dinner is drinking the house wine, which is generally of good quality. Last but not least, if you want to save money on accommodations, but don't want to give up the quality, there are a number of bed and breakfasts, and self-catering apartments to rival high hotel bills.

Rome Tips: Pickpockets, Beggars, and Cons
Rome is a very safe city in terms of crime, but petty crime, targeting above all those visiting the city, can be a problem. You can avoid becoming a victim first of all by being aware of this. Stay away from gypsies, or give them stern warnings to keep away from you. Make sure purses are closed and worn in front of you when you are in crowded places, or vehicles. Many theives actually pose as good samaritans, and will offer to help you with your bags, so don't let anyone you don't know touch anything. It seems like everyone wants to go home with a heartwarming story about how someone helped them, or gave them something, but the truth is that these things don't happen in Rome. Piazza Navona is also home to the famous bracelet scam, where someone will put a piece of string around your wrist, again tell them to remove it immediately. You also need to be aware that many small-time bars and restaurants will overcharge you just because you are from out of town, so a good idea is to get an idea of how much things cost before you arrive. Remember that sitting down on a bar's terrace will increase the price notably, before you decide to complain. 

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