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Rome Prices: What You Will Spend

One of the most important aspects of planning your trip to Rome or even living in Rome is familiarizing yourself with Rome prices. Like comparing any other aspects of cities, prices in Rome are very different from other destinations, and understanding these prices, as well as the dynamics behind them will enrich your experience of Rome. 
Rome Prices: What You Will Spend Sponsored links has put together this guide to Rome prices to help the visitor understand what they are paying for, and why they are paying the price that Rome proposes to them. This vital information can help to avoid misunderstandings, as well as bad feelings resulting from often confusing pricing rules. Knowing about prices in Rome will also help you to spend well, and be satisfied with how you spend your money.

Rome Prices: The Basics
One thing that you must remember is that Rome is the capital of Italy, which is arguably the most important country in the world for food, fashion, and tourism. So what might seem like basic necessities, such as "food, clothing, and shelter" are often elevated to an almost luxury status, thus prices on these items in Rome are high. Another thing that you must contend with whenever you take your wallet out in Rome is the 20% VAT, or sales tax that is included on price tags and menus. This tax (IVA in Italian) is already included so that you don't have to do the math. Some shops will be able to provide you with the necessary forms for a VAT refund if you spend over 155 euros, but this is not always the case. Another thing to consider is the current exchange rate.

Rome Museum Prices
Prices and reservation policies for Rome museums vary greatly, and some museums are even free on some days of the month. The amount of information on Rome museums and their prices is rather daunting, so we have included a number of links to aid you in budgeting your museum tour. provides a complete list of Rome's museums, and has a page dedicated to museum ticket prices. Another full-screen Rome museum price menu can be found on the PalazzOlivia page dedicated to visiting Rome's museums.

Rome Transportation Prices
There are several options for buying tickets for the Rome Metro and Rome buses. The standard ticket costs 1 euro, and is good for 70 minutes with one transfer. If you will be using public transport more frequently you might want to consider buying a day-ticket for 4 euros, a three-day ticket for 11 euros, or a seven-day ticket for 16 euros. Monthly tickets cost 31 euros. Bus and metro tickets can be purchased at tobacco shops, as well as major public transportation hubs. There are also Rome bus routes for tourists, the Archeobus, which costs 13 euros, and the 110 Open + Archeobus which costs 24 euros and is good for 2 days. Rome taxi prices will generally cost between 8 and 12 euros for a trip across the town center, and the meter should read 2.80 euros when you enter a cab at the taxi stand. Trips to and from Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport are set by law at 40 euros, while those to and from Ciampino Airport are set at 30 euros. Be prepared to pay 1 euro extra per bag, and tipping is not obligatory.

Rome Restaurant Prices
Rome restaurant prices are also on the high side, but you should treat yourself to a few good meals while you are in Rome. For some ideas check-out our extensive guide to restaurants in Rome. Restaurant prices can be divided into four categories, and you can get an idea what kind of place you are considering by doing a little math with the menu posted in front. Inexpensive restaurants will run up to 30 euros per person, which usually includes a plate of pasta and a second course. Medium priced restaurants in Rome generally run from 30-60 euros a head, and might include a reasonably priced bottle of wine. Expensive restaurants in Rome can run anywhere from 60-90 euros per person, but offer an all out fine dining experience.

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