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Rome in 48 hours

Visit Rome in 48 hours: Day One in Rome

If you don’t have much time to visit the Eternal City, but don’t want to miss the most important attractions that our city can offer, here you will find some suggestions to visit the heart of Rome in 48 hours…to remember, when you will be back, hopefully for a longer period.

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Rome in 48 Hours, Day One: Start from Termini Railway Station
If you arrive to Rome by train or by airplane, you will see almost surely Termini Railway Station, the biggest railway station in Europe - and the most chaotic too. But if you lift your eyes to take a careful look at it, you will surely note the so-called “dinosaur”, that is the structure above it: it’s covered with white marble mosaic tesserae, and its shape is similar to the trend of Serviane’s Walls. If you go to the Shopping Forum inside, you will find an area totally dedicated to shops: over 100  shops will give you the first taste of shopping in Rome. Going out of the railway station, step towards via Enrico De Nicola: your archeological experience starts from here, with your visit to the Diocletian Baths, the biggest in Ancient Rome, and currently part of the National Roman Museum.

Walking down Via Cavour, on the left of Termini, after 300 metres your attention will be grabbed by one of the most beautiful churches in Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore, in Piazza Esquilino: built in 400 B.C., it is the only one among the four patriarchal basilicas which still have the shape of a paleochristian church. At the end of Via Cavour there is Via dei Fori Imperiali which will lead you to the Colosseum: if you don’t want to take a quite long walk, you could take one of the several buses which pass through this street. It won’t be a visit without the Colosseum, the Amphiteatre and one of the Rome’s symbols in the world: you will probably find a long queue, but it’s worth visiting. Moreover, the ticket for the Colosseum is good to visit the Palatine museum and the Imperial Forum.

Going straight down Via dei Fori Imperiali, you will find the Imperial Rome: each emperor was dedicated a forum in order to celebrate him, and a walk among the imperial ruins will make you understand more about this period. It is worth visiting the Roman Forum, the old Republican Square, from which you can reach the Palatine Hill. At the end of Via dei Fori Imperiali, you will leave the Imperial Rome, to find  the Risorgimental one: in Piazza Venezia there is the Altar of Peace, also known as Vittoriano, designed by the Italian sculptor Angelo Zanelli in the beginning of the XX century, in order to celebrate the Italian unity and the whole Italian risorgimental period . Going straight on from Piazza Venezia, you will find Via del Corso, one of the most fashionable streets of Rome, full of shining windows and shops.

Rome in 48 Hours, Day One: Finish at the Pantheon
Your first day of visit in Rome could finish at the Pantheon,  the temple once dedicated to all gods (from the greek pan and theon), and used in a second moment as a Christian church and as a grave for Italy’s kings. Your night could end in Campo de’Fiori, a few steps away from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, where you’ll be glad to listen to good music and meet new people.

Rome in 48 hours : see also Visit Rome in 2 days: the second day.

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