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Rome Culture: What the Romans Do

Most people get so wrapped up in the 2,764 years of Rome's history that they pay very little attention to contemporary Rome culture, and the many facets of it that make the Eternal City such an unforgettable, and charming place. Let's not forget that Rome is the largest city in Italy, and the nation's capital. And though Italy's peculiar history makes it somewhat more provincial, on the cultural level it can compete with cities like New York, Paris, and London, and should be approached with an awareness of this fact. Rome is a city where people come to make their dreams come true, and it is no surprise that the city sits at the center of th Italian film industry. But in addition to the people who come to seek their fortune, an important element of Rome culture stems from the generations of original Romans, whose attitude and character shine through in everything they do, and will even rub-off on you.  
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Rome Culture: All About the Food
One of the aspects of Rome culture you're going to have to get acquainted with is the importance of food. Not just something to fill you up, but Italian food, Roman style if possible. People in Rome are literally obsessed with this aspect of their culture, and you will often hear Romans talking about what they have eaten and what they are going to eat each day with varying degrees of enthusiasm depending on what the recipe is, and sometimes even who prepared it. It is also important to note that with such a vibrant culinary tradition, there is not the same creative approach to cooking in Rome, and the idea of introducing a new ingredient into a traditional recipe for variety's sake would be considered the equivalent of saying that there's something wrong with the colors of your country's flag. We at encourage you to make a concentrated effort to savor Rome's traditional delicacies, what ever the meal is. For some advice on food in Rome, you can begin with our guide to Rome Dining, or begin to get an idea of Rome's most famous dishes, like Bucatini all'Amatriciana.

Rome Culture: Don't Forget About the Wine
Another important side of the Roman cullinary experience is the wine. We are sure that you are familiar with Italy's famous wines from the regions of Tuscany and Piedmont, but your trip to Rome should include a sampling of the famous wines from Lazio, many of which come from the volcanic hills just to the south of Rome which are known as the Castelli Romani. Indeed a trip to the Castelli Romani is an important Roman pastime, and a great way to sample Rome's food and wine. When In Rome Tours offers a number of tours including a wine tour of the Castelli Romani, which includes the areas important historic sites.

Rome Culture: You Are What you Wear
Another major concern for people in Rome is what they are wearing. It may seem impossible, but the fashion industry is so creative that they come out with four new seasons of clothing lines every year that have little or nothing in common with the preceding year's season. Everyone is fashion conscience, and their are a lot of fashion victims, too. Surprisingly, both men and women are caught up in this vicious cycle that creates a multi-billion dollar industry every year. But this, too is the reason for the vibrancy of the Italian fashion industry itself. One of the first things that recommends upon arrival in Rome is buying an article of clothing from a local shop so that you can participate, even on a more subdued level, in the art of non-verbal communication in Rome. It is not necessary to go straight for the luxury brands you will find along Via Condotti, you can pick up anything that catches your eye in other shops along Via Nazionale, Via del Corso, or Via Cola di Rienzo.

Rome Culture: Roman Pastimes
Now that you are fed and clothed like a Roman, its time to act like one. This of course depends on your age, so we'll give advice to users of all ages. First of all, no matter the season, Romans like to live life out of doors, and Rome's many piazzas attest to this aspect of the culture in Rome. Not to mention that strolling through the historic center is an experience to be rivaled by few. There are any number of excuses to go out for a stroll, the most common of which is for a coffee, which is conveniently added to other daily activities. People also tend to do things in larger groups in Rome, and meeting friends at a coffee bar with others is also very common before enjoying a stroll, with lunch or dinner. Rome parks are also popular choices during the day, while Rome pubs and clubs are popular choices for after dinner, with Testaccio as a particular hotspot. 

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