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Rome at Christmas

Rome at Christmas

If you have never been to Rome, or if you want to spend your Christmas holiday in a different way, Rome and its events are the right solutions for you.
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Rome represents, for many people, a high-level artistic reality that becomes even more sublime especially at night, with its lights making its history shining, with its monuments and artistical masterpieces.
But what you can see in Rome at Christmas time is upper to expectations. Tourists and Roman people are not only stunned by Christmas illuminations, Christmas trees or bagpipers walking down the streets. All its events have something magical, both in the background and in the atmosphere they are settled in, linked to beautiful and at the same time simple things.
Rome at Christmas - Piazza Navona
Rome at Christmas means, first of all, Piazza Navona, that becomes once a year one of the most wonderful and magical Christmas background in Rome: along the squares there are many stands for everyone's taste, both adults and children. Toys, gifts, sweets, coloured lights, music and street artists playing all year long in the square.
One of the most known character of Rome at Christmas time is the Befana, an old witch who brings children toys and sweets (but only to good children!) at Epiphany.
Rome at Christmas - Christmas Creches
As for the rest of Italy, in Rome one of the most important tradition is the Christmas creche. The AIAP- Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepio (Italian Friends of Christmas Creches Association) is a great online space for the ones who are fond of Christmas creches, and in its upper part of the home page, in the section called "dove" ("where"), you can take a look at locations and exhibitions around Italy and especially in the nearby of Rome. As regards the Art of Christmas creches, as every year, in the Bramante's hall, in Via G. D'Annunzio, near Piazza del Popolo, a not-to-be-missed exhibition is set. It is called "100 Creches exhibition" , organized by Rivista delle Nazioni, and shows about 200 Christmas creches, every year new ones, coming from Italian Regions and Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia countries.
Youngsters can enjoy a workshop called "Playing with the creches", promoted by the Municipality Section dedicated to Family and Childhood Promotion, dedicated to children from 4 to 11. They will learn, in about a hour, how to build Christmas crib charactercs, taught by high qualified personnel. Every kid will be given what he made on his own.
Rome at Christmas - Letters to Santa and markets
Also for youngsters, a Christmas event repeating every year is offered by the Parco Morelli  in Via Isacco Newton, where chilldren have the chance to write the letter to Santa Claus and to give it straight to him.
And if you want to buy some gifts for Christmas, don't forget to visit our page dedicated to Rome Christmas markets!

These are the hot days of Rome at Christmas, with events and particular moments dedicated to everyone. So it's up to you to organize your holiday in the Eternal City, so that you can keep in your mind a special and particular memory.

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