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Permanent residence card

Permanent Residence Card Italy

Italy offers a number of possibilities to those wishing to stay in the country for long periods of time, for work, studies, or family reasons. Even retirees from other countries are welcome if they can prove that they can support themselves. Foreigners who live in Italy can request the permanent residence card or EU permanent residency card in order to stay in the country permanently or for long periods. In the following article you will be able to find some useful information about the necessary procedures concerning the card and how to obtain it, as well as the few situations in which the card may be revoked.

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What is a Permanent residence card:
The permanent residence card or EU permanent residency card is issued to residents who live in Italy with a regular permit residence visa. The permanent residence card has no time limit and allows you to come to Italy without an entry visa: to work, to participate in the National Italian Civil Service and to take part in the local public life. Foreigners who request a permanent residence card must prove to have a sufficient income for himself or herself and his or her family, this card is also required for the partner and children. Partners, children, or foreign parents living together with an Italian citizen or a EU citizen in Italy can apply for the permanent residence card showing the necessary papers that prove their familiar bond. Foreigners who have obtained the permanent residence card in a EU country can use it in Italy for a maximum of  three months for the following reasons: work, studies, tourism, or family reasons.

How to obtain a Permanent residence card:
The request for the permanent residence card must be made from within Italy at the local police headquarters. All documentation relevant to your case history in italy must be brought to the appointment in order to prove your status and the reasons for which you are applying for a permanent stay perment. In some cases you r status to permanent stay permit will be up graded automatically, but it is best to do you r homework on the subject and go and get the necessary information directly from the police headquarters. It is also highly advisable that you cross reference the facts and information that you have gathered in order to address any conflicting information you may stumble upon.

When can a Permanent residence card be revoked:
Permanent residence card can be revoked: if it has been obtained illegally, in case of deportation, all the requirements for its issue fail, when the citizen has already a permanent residence card issued by another EU country, when he or she has been away from the country of EU for 12 years or for 6 years where he or she had applied for the permanent residence card. When a permanent residence card is revoked it is necessary to wait for a pre established period before starting the application process over again from the beginning.

More and different things to come on obtaining a permanent residence card in Italy.

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