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Via Condotti Rome

Via Condotti: Luxury Shopping in Rome

Via Condotti is in the very center of the city of Rome, and it is a cross-street  of the main thoroughfare Via del Corso. Via Condotti links Via del Corso to the Spanish Steps. Today, thanks to the presence of many luxury boutiques and the most popular designer shops in Rome, Via Condotti is well-known all around the world, and it has become a symbol of the elegance of the city of Rome. 
Via Condotti: Luxury Shopping in Rome Sponsored links welcomes you to Via Condotti. Before becoming the high-fashion paradise it is today, this street was characterised by intellectuals and historic meeting places. Antico Caffè Greco is one of the most popular and historic coffee bars in Rome, and it is still a meeting point for politicians, artists and writers. The shop windows of the luxury boutiques and shops you can find walking down Via Condotti are full of important fashion and jewellery brand names.

Via Condotti Rome: Luxury Shops and Boutiques

Along Via Condotti in Rome it is easy to find a lot of  designer clothing shops, together with popular and renowned jewellery shops.
Some luxury boutiques are, for example, the marvellous Dior, just in front of the Spanish Steps, followed by Gucci at n. 8 and Valentino at n. 13. If those brands already make your head spin and your eyes sparkle, keep on going down the street until you get to the Hermes boutique at n. 67, Armani at n. 76, Battistoni at n. 61, La Perla at n. 79, Prada at n. 94 .

However, Via Condotti shopping does not finish here: Salvatore Ferragamo is at n. 73, Furla at n. 55.  Blunauta at n. 29, Burberry at n. 59, Celine at n. 20. Next to the Church of Santa Trinità degli Spagnoli there are also the appealing luxury boutiques of Dolce e Gabbana at n. 52,  Alberta Ferretti at n. 34, Fornarina at n. 36, and Trussardi at n. 50.
Well, this is quite a fashion street, don’t you think?

And you can continue shopping along Via Condotti, and just for women’s eyes, to make them sparkle even more, you can look at some extraordinary jewels beyond their wildest expectations, along Via Condotti in Rome you will find many jewellery boutiques.  Just to mention a couple of them:  Federico Buccellati is at n. 31, Bulgari at n. 10, next to the Spanish Steps. And don’t forget Cartier and Damiani too.

Via condotti also has shoes and accessories for any taste. First of all for luxury taste, of course:  Bally is at n. 39, Mont Blanc at n. 70, Testoni at n. 80. Louis Vuitton is at n. 12, a few steps away from the Spanish Steps.

Shopping on Via Condotti is not over yet, because there is more to see: Alberto Bolaffi  is the most popular shop in Rome for stamps, coins and other collectables is at number n. 56 . Modigliani is a famous shop of handcrafts and ceramics at n. 25, just before getting to Via del Corso. Last but not least, Swatch watches are right next to Via del Corso, at n. 33. 

Via Condotti  Rome: History

Via Condotti was, even during  the Ancient Roman era, the street which started from the ancient Via Flaminia allowing  people coming from the other side of the Tiber river to get to the Pincio hill, where Lucillo had his villa. In 1500 it was called Via Trinitatis, named after the church which was located at the end of the street. The buildings started to be built between 1500 and 1600, and the modern atmosphere of the street, as we know it today,  began with the building of the Spanish Steps in 1700. For lovers of poetry the Keats-Shelley House is located in Piazza Spagna just to the right of the Spanish Steps at the end of Via Condotti. 

Via Condotti: How to Get There
The easiest way to reach Via dei Condotti in Rome is by underground. Taking the A line, you get off at Piazza di Spagna, and you are exactly where you want to be, in one of the most charming squares of Rome and the world. From there, Via dei Condotti is just in front of you, it is unmistakable because it is always so crowded! If you prefer to get there by car, you will have to park it in the underground car park in Villa Borghese.

Enjoy exploring this famous street and if you plan on doing more than window shopping, bring lots of money with you!



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