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Learning Italian language

Learning Italian Language

Learning Italian language is a good opportunity to spend a great holiday in Italy, studying in a setting rich in cultural and artistic heritage. You can achieve good results speaking Italian with Italians and improve your notions concerning life in Italy. Universities, private schools and institutes organize specific courses in order to help foreign students to learn  the Italian language. can suggest a selection of the best schools in Italy where you can learn Italian language and culture!

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Language courses can often be boring if teaching methods don’t keep up with the times, and in Italy there are a lot of courses which allow students to experience the Italian language together with Italy's wonderful history, and vibrabt contemporary culture. You are not going to waste your time if you combine business with pleasure by learning the Italianlanguage in Italy, and it is also a great way to spend a vacation if you like having more than a postcard to show for what you've done in your free time.

Learning Italian language: Torre di Babele
 Torre di Babele is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Rome. It is an Italian language school placed in a charming context, a Liberty villa in an elegant Art Nouveau district surrounded by trees and parks, in the historical center. This school organizes small classes, a maximum of 12 students, composed  by secondary or university students, company employees. The program includes also weekend excursions in Pompei, Naples, Florence, Orvieto and other artistic destinations, guided tours of Rome, seminars on Italian art, architecture, cinema, literature, politics, Italian cooking and wines.

Learning Italian language: University of Florence

The University of Florence boasts a long experience in teaching the Italian language to foreigners. In its Cultural Centre for Foreigners there is a distinction between preparatory, intermediate, and advanced Italian courses. The peculiarity of a course in this center is due to the possibility of being in touch with interesting subjects: such as Italian literature, or if you want to know something more about Renaissance or Baroque Italy, the history of art if you are fond of the Etruscan civilization, music, cinema and theatre or Italian eating habits and food culture for lovers of good life.

Learning Italian language: University of Siena
The University of Siena is renowned for its Italian language courses which spread and promote the knowledge of Italian language, literature, art, history, science, philosophy, customs, social, political and economic institutions. Courses may last one or three months, there are also special courses for teachers of Italian language abroad.

Learning Italian language:  Lingua in corso

If you love small cities and familiar atmosphere, suggest you an Italian language course in Perugia. Lingua in corso is an association which proposes original open-air lessons. In October you may take part in grape picking, in January there will be the preparation of local ham, cooking courses to learn to do tomato sauce or ceramic and decoration courses, business Italian in a charming and quaint setting.

If you need more information about Italian language courses and schools you can visit!

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