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Job Visa and Immigration

Foreign citizens coming to Italy for job reasons should get a job visa that distinguishes between a secondary employment visa and an independent work visa. In the following article we suggest how you can obtain a job visa in italy, which requirements are necessary, and how to submit a request according to the Italian immigration laws. like with everything else in Italy, you will probably encounter a lot more bureaucracy than you are accustomed to, but if you do the right research beforehand you will be able to see what  exactly the probabilityof you receiving a work visa in Italy will be.
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There are different kinds of work visas available in Italy depending on what kind of work you plan on doing, and how long you plan to stay. In some cases the company that you will be working for will have to do most of the leg work. Let's examine the different visas a little more closely.

Job Visas Italy: What is it?

An autonomous work visa can be issued for a short or a long period of time depending on the type of job that the holder intends to carry out. A temporary job for foreign citizens who have a profession is one of the many other options that are examined in the Italian work visa system. The subordinate employment visa is issued to foreign citizens who have a temporary job in Italy, and is another useful option for those wishing to work in Italy. Some student visas also allow for working up to 20 hours per month. Whatever you are doing, if you areplanning to work in Italy, your application must satisfy very rigid requirements if you are a non EU citizen.

Job Visas Italy: How to Obtain One
Foreign citizens are required to request a job visa at their country' embassy or at  the italian consolate in their hometown abroad. If you need a subordinate employment visa your Italian employer has to avoid obstacles from the police (SUI –Sportello Unico Immigrazione: immigration office). The request can be forwarded online and if it is accepted the Italian employer has to follow the guidelines obliged providing the necessary documentation. If any changes happen between the Italian employer and the foreign citizen has to be communicated to the SUI, which deals with employment affairs and procedures.

Job Visas Italy: the Immigration Decree

Job visa is not issued to every foreign citizen, in Italy the Ministry of the Interior establishes how many foreigners will be accepted by the immigration decree. The amount of entries is established by consulting regions that can send to the Italian Council of Ministers a report about non-EU citizens in their country. Immigration regulations changed during the year on the basis of a three-yearly planning. The decree allows entries in Italy and regards foreign citizens who live in their country and want to move for job reasons. Foreigners who already live in Italy without a regular residence permit visa can’t benefit from this decree.

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