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Job in Rome

How to find a job in Rome

Living in the Eternal City can be an exciting experience, but it’s not always easy to find an English speaking job in Rome. So if you’re thinking about coming for more than an holiday break and you’re looking for a job in Rome, can help you chose right from the start the option which will suit you better. In this article you’ll find some useful tips about looking for a job in Rome and working in Italy.
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Job in Rome: labour law
If you’re a non-EU national, you will need a work permit,  in order to get a job in Rome. A future employer can apply for this from the provincial labour office. An entry visa issued by the Central Police Station, Questura, is also needed. Note that in order to enter Italy to work, a non-EU citizen will probably need a visa. Application can be made to the Italian Embassy in the home country. EU nationals need simply to have a "stay permit" (Permesso di Soggiorno or Carta di Soggiorno), which is obtained from the immigration office at the local or regional Police station, and tax code (Codice Fiscale), which is obtained from the The Italian Revenue Agency.

Job in Rome: short term jobs

There are several ways of looking for work in Rome, depending mostly on what you aim to achieve. If you're going to stay just a few months and you’re looking for a short term job in Rome, you should probably turn to one of the many Irish bars of the city, or if you have the basic necessary competences you can try and find a job in Rome leading tours of the city, or teaching English. In both cases we feel compelled to warn you that employers in Rome are becoming increasingly exigent and being an English speaking person will not be enough to find a job in Rome as a tour leader or teacher, you’ll need qualifications and teaching certificates.

Job in Rome: long  term jobs
If you're coming long term and look for a job in Rome as a freelancer, it’s very useful to have a reputation and contacts before you leave your home country. This is particularly true for journalists: at present there's one English-speaking freelance journalist per square metre, and finding a job in Rome as journalist is increasingly difficult. If you like writing and have some experience on the web, though, you could check our page, Job Rome. If you're planning to relocate and are looking for a long term job in Rome and if you have the right qualifications there will be more options available to you. One of the largest employers of foreigners in Rome is FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. This EU body is one of the major employers of people from around the world in a wide range of administrative and technical roles, from management positions to electricians. To find out more and browse current vacancies, check their website FAO.

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