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Italian wedding songs

Italian Wedding Songs: Traditional Music for Your Big Day

If you are planning on getting married in Italy, you are probably also fascinated by the allure of Italian wedding songs. will provide you with all the information you need to plan the perfect Italian wedding starting with the ceremony, and continuing on to the reception, meal,  and entertainment aftwards. An excellent place to start is choosing the right Italian wedding songs and music to set the mood for the occasion. Songs are an important aspect of your wedding party, and are an excellent way to share your emotions  with your guests. There are a number of romantic Italian wedding songs to choose from, so we have done some of the legwork to get you started on this aspect of your big day.  

Italian Wedding Songs: Traditional Music for Your Big Day Sponsored links

Italian Wedding Songs: The Basics for an Italian Wedding
The first thing to figure out when planning your wedding in Rome, or anywhere else in Italy, is if you will have a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. This is important for your choice of wedding songs, because the civil ceremony often breaks with the loftier religious ceremony tradition, allowing you to do something that is less formal, or more original. will provide you suggestions for both. You will be able to access all kinds of information on our guide to Rome weddings and Italian wedding music. Whichever kind of wedding you are planning, you need to think of the music that will accompany this unforgetable day in four distinct phases. The ceremony, the reception, the lunch or dinner, and the entertainment afterwards. You may want to contact different people for different parts of the wedding, depending on the kind of environment you wish to create.

Italian Wedding Songs: Church and Civil Ceremonies
Fortunately, most churches in the center of Rome, and other important Italian cities and towns, are well prepared when it comes to Italian wedding songs. Even if the parish priest does not speak English, he will most likely be able to put you incontact with singers and musicians that specialize in church wedding ceremonies, who also come prepared with a repertoire. CIvil ceremonies offer more flexibility in terms of the specific place you choose for your wedding, and of course the songs and music you choose.  In this kind of less formal environment you would be free to choose from a number of styles more in line with your personal tastes, jazz, acoustic, or even a DJ. Another important resorce for contacting singers and musicians is through a wedding photographer in Rome. 

Italian Wedding Songs: Artists
If you love classics, listen to Alberto Tozzi. He is a famous Italian singer that plays instrumental hints for the wedding reception, the wedding ceremony ,and the all important serenade. He is a specialist in classical instruments, including the violin, harp, cello, and flute.  Virginio Galizia is a singer, musician, composer, and entertainer. If you want an amazing party, choose some Italian wedding songs suitable for dancing. For example, Jazz Band Extra Dixie, an original Roman jazz band, with professional singers specialized in the performance of classic jazz, but also different genres from Dixieland to modern Swing. The main feature of this band is the use of acoustic instruments. If you prefer traditional and stylish Italian wedding songs, you can contact Wedding Music in Italy, a group of musicians graduated from the conservatory that offers concerts for great wedding parties. Organists, opera singers, violinists, flautists, and choir members perform both Italian wedding songs, and a music repertory of famous composers such as Bach, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven. If you want refined Italian wedding songs and music choose Violin and Guitar, an Italian  two-piece group that can satisfy your musical needs and make the soundtrack of your party perfect. Agustino Furno is a classicaly trained guitarist that will fill your wedding evening with classic, jazz, and latin masterpieces.  Other resources include, and ExclusiveItaly Weddings, which propose a wide repertory of Italian wedding songs, as well as classical music, movie soundtracks, jazz, blues, folk, Irish, pop, and dance music for the wedding party. In collaboration with other musicians, these performers give the right answer, replying to anyone who writes them on their web site. There are also a number of wedding DJ's suited to giving your wedding that party feel, if you really want to see everyone up and dancing.

Italian Wedding Songs: CD Compilations

If you live abroad, and you can’t hire an Italian band you can make a playlist of the best Italian wedding songs. In every wedding party in Italy there are some singers that never  fail, including Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Gino Paoli, Claudio Baglioni, Michele Zarrillo, and Andrea Bocelli that sing the most romantic songs.


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