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Irish pub Rome

Irish Pub Rome: Top of the Evening

If you are fond of Ireland, beers, and Irish whiskies, in Rome you can find a good selection of Irish pubs characterized by a cosy and warm atmosphere. These pubs are often crowded and attract many foreigners, but you will also find a lot of locals as the pub scene in Rome is at its apex. Marked by an Irish style, they offer beer, as well as other pub food (no fish and chips, though). If you would like to sip a Guinness or taste a Bushmills in typical Irish fashion, here there is a selection of Irish pubs in Rome.

Irish Pub Rome: Top of the Evening Sponsored links

Ireland is without doubt a wonderful nation and it is the native land of one of the most marked European drinking cultures. A culture which has crossed its frontiers and has invaded other nations thanks to its style, spirit, gaiety, typical beers, and unmistakable whiskey. If you are fond of Irish culture you’ll be satisfied with the wide range of Irish pubs in Rome. These pubs are often well organized, typically furnished using mainly wood, wallpaper, or dull coloured paintings, and a series of other elements such as lamps, mugs, barrels, and flags to create an informal cosy Irish atmosphere. It may seem like your favorite pub back home was packed up and unfolded in the heart of the Eternal City.

Among the most sought after beverages, the queen of dark beers, Guinness, is the symbol of Ireland in the world. But there is a great range of Irish beers in Roman Irish pubs such as Murphy’s, in all its variants, and the red Kilkenny. In a respectful Irish pub whiskies, such as Jameson and Bushmills are unfailing, they are preferred to the Scottish cousins because they are less cloudy. Below is a selection of Irish pubs in Rome.

Irish Pub Rome: Abbey Theatre
The Abbey Theatre  pub is in Via del Governo Vecchio, in the center of Rome, and its atmosphere is typically Irish, it is furnished is in dark wood with lamps and Irish objects. You can drink beers such as Guinness, Kilkenny and Harp and a mixed selection of Irish and Scottish whiskies.

Irish Pub Rome: Finnegan's
Finnegan's pub is in the Monti District at Via Leonina, 66. Clients of this Irish pub are mainly foreigners, the greatest part come from Ireland and the United Kingdom, so it is quite common to hear English spoken by both the clients, and owners of the pub. The Anglo-Saxon setting is also confirmed by the regular program of English soccer matches, and by the presence of a billiard table. You can also choose from any Irish beer and a good selection of Irish spirits.

Irish pub Rome: Shamrock
When you talk about an Irish pub in Rome you can’t avoid make mention of  the Shamrock, at Via del Colosseo, 1. This pub is furnished painstakingly according to the Irish style. Tables, sofas, the counter, and bar stools have been wisely chosen to create an atmosphere which recalls Ireland. It is open in the morning but at night it explodes and it is ordinary to witness lively scenes as clients, bartenders, and landlords dance on the tables. Apart from classic beers and Irish whiskies, there is great accuracy in the preparation of Irish Coffee, in fact it is used heavy cream instead of spray cream as other pubs usually do.

Irish pub Rome: Trinity College
Trinity College is an Irish pub just off of Via Del Corso near Piazza Venezia. The ground floor of the pub is arranged around the central counter which is manned by expert bartenders, whatever you like to drink. Food is served on the second floor, and in the evening the pub almost reaches the status a of full-fledged club, with a lot of dancing and merrymaking. Definitely a good choice whatever the time of day. If you want to spend the evening there, get there early. 

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