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Intimissimi in Rome

Intimissimi in Rome: Sensual and Romantic Underwear

If you are planning your day out at the shops in Rome, and you are looking for underwear or lingerie, Intimissimi is the place to go if you are looking for exclusive Italian brands with good value for money. There are many Intimissimi shops located throughout Rome, so you will never be far away from one. The following article will give you the specific information you need to plan your shopping expedition.
Intimissimi in Rome: Sensual and Romantic Underwear Sponsored links
Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Intimissimi? would like to introduce you to Intimissimi, one of the most sensual, romantic Italian brands in the field of lingerie, and bathing suits for women, as well as underwear for men (collectively known as ‘’intimo’’ in Italian). Intimissimi was created by Calzedonia in 1986 with the purpose of offering good quality products at attractive prices. Articles by Intimissimi are trendy, colorful, comfortable, yet simple. They can satisfy any costumer’s tastes, and the prices are accessible. In every Intimissimi shop you can find a huge variety of models, sizes and colors, and you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Via del Corso
Via del Corso is the most famous shopping street in Rome. It connects Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, and is the heart of the historic center of Rome. It is quite easy to reach by metro or bus from Termini Station, or if you aren’t too far away you can get their on foot, walking through Rome’s beautiful narrow streets and neighborhoods. Intimissimi is located at number 167, at the intersection of Via della Vite near Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps.

Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Via Nazionale
Via Nazionale is the street that connects Termini Station to Trajan’s Market. Full of shops, and period buildings, Via Nazionale is the ideal place to take a walk and shop. Intimissimi has two shops on Via Nazionale located at number 189, across from the Bank of Italy at the intersection with Via Parma, and the other at number 227, close to the intersection with Via delle Quattro Fontane.

Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Near the Vatican
There are two Intimissimi shops near Vatican City. The first is close to Piazza San Pietro on Via Ottaviano right off of Piazza Risorgimento at number 60. Via Cola di Rienzo is a beautiful street full of shops in the Prati area, and also starts at Piazza Risorgimento. Intimissimi is at number 159 between Via Ovidio and Via Virgilio. Both of these locations are a good idea if you want to go shopping while visiting Rome at the same time. Not only are they close to Piazza San Pietro, but it is also a vibrant are full of bars and restaurants.

Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Via Appia Nuova
Via Appia Nuova is an important shopping street which starts from the beautiful Renaissance gate next to Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano. Intimissimi is located at number 209 just after Piazza Re di Roma.    

Intimissimi Shops in Rome: Rome Shopping Centers
If you prefer you can find Intimissimi in all the important Rome shopping centers where it is an unfailing brand.

You can find more information, as well as photos of this seasons models on the Intimissimi website.
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