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Holidays in Rome

Holidays in Rome: Some Useful Ideas

Are you planning holidays in Rome? Arriving in a metropolis like Rome for vacation, it is recommended to have a good idea of the places you want to visit and how you want to get around the city, all in order to avoid unecessary stress and confusion. will help you point out where to go, so you can get the most out of  your holidays in Rome. A list of museums, restaurants and shops in the Eternal City will allow you to spend spend a pleasant day without wasting valuable time on your trip.


Holidays in Rome: Some Useful Ideas Sponsored links

Either before or during your holidays in Rome you should visit the website of the Vatican Museums the museum is of great historical and cultural value and the site will help you get acquainted with the structure before you get in line. The Vatican Museums will offer you a unique experience admiring centuries of art, culture and the sacred. The most important artists of all time are preserved in these museums: Raphael, Michelangelo, Giotto, Caravaggio and many other memorable artists. You will discover the secrets of the Sistine Chapel where you can admire  Michelangelo’s frescoes, the chandelier, tapestry and geographical maps galleries. The Raphael gallery also offers a delight for the eyes, the chiaroscuro room, Niccolina chapel and Urbano VIII chapel. The Vatican museums are closed on Sundays, except for the last day of each month when entrance is free.

Holidays in Rome: What to See
We also recommend a visit to what used to be the stables of the Quirinale Palace to admire whatever exhibition is taking place at the moment of your trip. This building was originally a stable for horses and it has been entrusted to the City of Rome with the intent of being used as a location for exhibitions. We definitely recommend during your holidays in Rome to come and visit the exhibitions organised here and the interior of the building itself. If you are planning a weekend in Rome you might want to arrive on a Sunday, because if you are lucky you may end up visiting the President’s Residence at the Quirinale which is open only one Sunday per month.

While visiting Villa Borghese during your holidays in Rome  you may want to visit the Borghese Gallery, where you can find a remarkable collection of sculptures and paintings dating back to the XV to the XVIII centuries. An important protagonist of the gallery was Cardinal Scipione Borghese that during the XVII century slowly began collecting various pieces of art. During your visit you can admire different masterpieces such as the controversial “Madonna and Child with St. Anne” (1605) by Caravaggio, “Sacred and Profane Love” (1514) by Titian, “The Deposition” (1507) by Raphael, “Paolina Borghese” (1805-1808) by Canova and many other important artists and their respective masterpieces. We recommend during your short holiday in Rome to book your visit before arriving at the Borghese Gallery.

Holidays in Rome: Where to Dine
Spending a weekend in Rome you must visit the charming historical district of Trastevere, where you can relax for lunch or dinner. In the heart of Trastevere there is Meo Patacca offering typical roman cuisine and where you can dine in an unique and cosy atmosphere. On the other hand if you want to try a historical Roman restaurant in the Monti district, we can also recommend the Carbonara and the website will surely give you some useful information even if it is only in Italian. In the 1930’s it was the meeting place of a group of physicians led by Enrico Fermi. Today it has remained a meeting point for young people but also for celebrities. Your holidays in Rome will surely direct you in Via Veneto where you can stop and eat at Il Peperone. Overlooking wonderful Romes most famous boulevard, its luxury hotels and ancient monuments, it provides an excellent opportunity to spend a pleasant evening whether you want to relax and enjoy your food or just want a quick meal. There are also many places along Via Veneto to relax and have a drink no matter the time of day or night.

Holidays in Rome: Shopping
If you want to buy books, CDs or films while your out for a stroll in the streets of Rome, we recommend Libreria Rinascita. Unfortunately the site is only in Italian, but the store is a meeting place and helps define trends and tastes of music. During your holidays in Rome, it offers all the latest news concerning music, literature and cinema, as well as exhibitions of books, interviews with artists and live performances.

In Largo Argentina, Via del Corso, and in the Alberto Sordi Gallery, you will also find Feltrinelli bookstore, the largest Italian chain of publishing and distribution of books, where you can choose from a wide range of genres: classic, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction and many others. Feltrinelli is also a reference point in the distribution of all cultural products dedicated to leisure activities: music, videos, multimedia products and tickets for concerts. There are also extensive sections dedicated to books on Rome in English.

Before concluding your holidays in Rome and if you still have to do some last minute shopping, there is Forum Termini, a shopping centre located inside Termini Station. It has numerous clothing stores, accessories shops, libraries and food shops where you can stop for a quick snack before leaving the capital.

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