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Cocktail bar Roma

Cocktail Bars in Rome

In Rome there is a wide variety of pubs, discos, and wine shops. Anyway these nightclubs often don’t satisfy cocktail lovers. In fact, there aren’t many nightclubs where you can drink a good cocktail prepared by a master barman. However, some cocktail bars rely on the art of preparing good cocktails thanks to professional barmen and high quality ingredients. Here is a special selection of places to go for a more sophisticated drink.

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Cocktail Bar Rome: Bartaruga
Bartaruga is a place frequented by several TV and show  business personalities, artists, and intellectuals. It has an elegant flair with friezes on the walls and Murano crystals. The lighting is soft and moody. Cocktalis are well prepared and you can combine them with appetizers and little cakes. A peculiarity of this bar is its offer of theatre costumes to improvise dramas and performances, after a few drinks have worn your inhibitions down. The bar is located at Piazza Mattei, 8 in the Jewish Ghetto.

Cocktail Bar Rome:  Mister Boom
At Mister Boom themed-evenings are often organized inspired mainly by the Wild West. It is in the center of Rome, near to Saint Peter’s and the Vatican, in the shadow of Castel Sant'Angelo. It seems a saloon from a Spaghetti Western recalling Sergio Leone’s scenography. In this nightclub you can drink beer and spirits, anyway its strong point is a wide range of shots at a low price. If you get hungry, you can eat things like burgers, topped bread, salads, and other such snacks. Mister Boom is located at Piazza P. Paoli, 19.

Cocktail Bar Rome: The Library
The Library is located in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori, at Vicolo della Cancelleria, 7. Inside a palace dating back to the XVI century, the space is elegant and refined. The Library offers a fine selection of meals and drinks. As the name suggests, apart from a good cocktail selection, the bar allows customers to relax reading books on Rome and its history. At The Library you can also eat pizza, carpaccio, cheeses, and pasta. You may also reserve the loft for two for the evening and have a very romantic night.

Cocktail bar Rome: Freni e Frizioni
Freni e Frizioni is near to the crowded Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere and has had great success both as a night and day time meeting point where you can eat lunch or drink cocktails. You may also eat at a buffet rich in more particular dishes. The cocktail bar is furnished with some skillfully arranged recovery objects which make the room original and pleasant. In front of the bar there is a square where you can sip cocktails in the open air, a delightful habit in summer. The menu is well-provided with wines and cocktails and they are prepared with great accuracy.

Cocktail Bar Rome: Fonclea
Fonclea is a historical cocktail bar started in 1977 as a meeting point for live music lovers. At Fonclea there is live music almost every night and on its stage artists such as Max Gazzè, Renato Zero, Sergio Caputo, and Alex Britti have played. You can also eat chosing among first and second courses, there is an exceptional coctail offer with more than 200 of any sort. Fonclea is located at Via Crescenzio, 82a in the Prati District near the Vatican.

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