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Cheap restaurants Rome

Cheap Restaurants Rome: Where to Eat for Less

Are you a bon vivant and during your stay in Rome you would like to find good food at a cheap restaurant? Cheap Restaurants Rome is a guide for all those who answer yes to this question. In Rome you will have plenty of choice to connect good cuisine with a low price. And don't think that you will do so by getting sucked into tourist traps that offer menus at a special price, they are often among the more expensive restaurants, especially when value for money is taken into account.

Cheap Restaurants Rome: Where to Eat for Less Sponsored links

Cheap Restaurants Rome: Trattoria Luzzi
Right down the street from the Colosseum, there is a characteristic Roman trattoria that absolutely cannot be missed, especially if you've got your eye on your wallet,but don't want to miss out on a typical Roman restaurant that caters to locals and foreigners alike. The menu is full of Roman specialties and the staff is very authentic and colorful. If you think you aren't getting the attention you deserve, remember that the squeeky wheel gets the grease and that is common in this establishment to gesture or call across the room for another liter of wine. This is Rome.

Restaurant Info:
Via San Giovanni in Laterano, 88
067096332 (reservations recommended)

Cheap Restaurants Rome:  Ristorante Cesare
Next to Castel Sant'Angelo, Ristorante Cesare will offer you fresh seafood and fish, but also "Chianina" and "Maremmana" meat, which are two of the best varieties in italy. It is also a refined pizzeria with a wood burning pizza oven. The restaurant will propose the best fish-based dishes to you, as well as meat and seasonal products. The restaurant is also known for its tasty soups.

Cheap Restaurants Rome: L'Insalata Ricca

The Insalata Ricca is a household name in Rome, a good solution if you want to taste fresh healthy food with fast friendly service. In 1983 Giuseppe and some friends opened up an innovative restaurant in the historic center of Rome based on fast salads for people on the run. Now the restaurant has expanded to a chain of popular lunchtime meeting places for a quick, healthy salad. The menu is rich with pasta dishes, grilled meats and fish, pizza and desserts and is very affordable.

Cheap Restaurants Rome: Pepe Verde

Pepe Verde, near to Via Nomentana, offers traditional regional dishes, as well as creative recipes of homemade pasta with fresh seasonal products, grilled meats, and plenty of tasty pizzas. 

Cheap Restaurants Rome: Pizza Forum

In Pizza Forum in Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 34/36/38 - in the area of the Colosseum - you can eat traditional food, from pizza to pasta. This place is peculiar since handmade products and ingredients come from our country of origin, especially for the real Neapolitan pizza! However, the menu is very varied and you will be able to sample a lot of other dishes at a reasonable price.

More and different things to come for Cheap Restaurants Rome.

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