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Catholic weddings in Rome

Catholic Weddings in Rome: Procedure and Papers

Do you want to get married in Rome? Have you chosen the Catholic rite? Do you know what knid of the procedure you need to say your I do? If you have decided to celebrate your wedding with religious rite there are a series of papers that you should deliver, together with those necessary to the civil rite. can help you to know how  Catholic weddings in Rome are organized. Pay attention to documents and enjoy your special day!

Catholic Weddings in Rome: Procedure and Papers Sponsored links

Organizing Catholic wedding in Rome is not a difficul issue.
First of all try to organize yourself some months early, getting in touch with the priest of your favourite church in Rome to check his availability. 
Then you have to hand in a series of documents:
a) baptism certificate, you should ask it to your parish. The Catholic church recognizes baptisms celebrated in orthodox Christian, Methodist, Baptist, Waldesian, Lutheran or Anglican churches except for Mormons’ and Jeovah’s Witnesses ones. This certificate may be replaced with a witness declaration or with a formal oath if you received the sacrament to the adult years.
b) confirmation certificate, it can be replaced by a declaration. At present bridegroom and bride can show an only certificate where they should register the dates of baptism, confirmation, no marriage bonds and a declaration of being “a good Christian”.
c) ecclesiastical status, it is necessary if you lived in another diocese for more than a year after being twelve. It may be replaced with an official declaration swearing to a preist and some witnesses.
d) the certificate of attendance of the premarital course, a series of meetings doomed to prepare newlyweds from a spiritual point of view. The course may last two or six months.
After the delivery of the papers you should take the oath, after it the priest proceeds with banns for both parishes (he will also deliver to bride and bridegroom the form for banns that has to be hung in the town hall). After the banns the priest will give the complete documentation which has to be brought to the curacy in order to have no impediment when you chose a church to which you don’t belong. Anyway the priest concedes the religious agreement after looking over documentation. Finally the wedding day can be confirmed.


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