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Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori: Rome's Most Important Rendezvous

Campo de' Fiori is one of the most famous places in Rome. It is the open-air theatre of a picturesque market in daytime and a meeting point for people at night. Piazza Campo de' Fiori is a nerve center for culture and history in Rome. Campo de' Fiori is also the only historically important square in Rome that does not have a church. Whether your visit is during the day, or night (or both) this square is sure to figure among your favorite places in Rome. 

Campo de' Fiori: Rome's Most Important Rendezvous Sponsored links

Campo de' Fiori: Historic Features
Placed in the center of Rome, not far away from Piazza Navona, between Via dei Giubbonari and Piazza della Cancelleria, Campo de' Fiori is one of the most renowned Roman squares. The area which is a present meeting point for the young, the young at heart, and crowded with them at night, was until 1400 just a simple flourished field characterized by some vegetable plots. Hence, this is the reason for its name. The area was paved by Pope Callisto III in 1456 when a project for restructuring of the Parione district was planned. Several important buildings were erected, among them there was Orsini Palace that still overlooks the square. Campo de' Fiori became the site of a flourishing market of horses costantly crossed by the greats of the period, it grew in popularity and in the area hotels and workshops were built. 17th February 1600 is an important date in the history of the square, when the writer and philosopher Giordano Bruno was condemned for heresy, and burnt at the stake in the square. Today, this event is recalled by the philosopher’s statue erected in 1888 in the centre of the square, a work by Ettore Ferrari.

Campo de' Fiori: Description
The wide circular space of the square is occupied by a picturesque market in daytime, while at night the scene is dominated by the several nightclubs and pubs that line the square. In the center of the square there is the statue of Giordano Bruno, in rememberance the priest’s dark and mysterious appearance. The statue also has effigies of other famous heretics, and some scenes from the philosopher’s life on the sides of the base. In the past, where the monument is placed today, there was a fountain that the inhabitants of the district called the “Terrina” for its shape as an oval cup closed by a lid and containing a ball in the centre. Today in the southern part of the square there is another fountain that for its shape recalls of the preceding one, which was moved to Piazza della Chiesa Nuova but without the lid.

Campo de' Fiori: How to Get There
The Rome Metro Spagna stop on the A Line A is 15 minutes far from the square. The bus lines of ATAC that circulate in the area are: 46, 62, 64, 70, 87, 186, 492, 204, 628, 640, 810. You may reach the square by car, but only at night because of restrictions, crossing Via Vittorio Emanuele II and stopping near Piazza della Cancelleria. You can also reach the square by a Rome Taxi

Campo de' Fiori: What to Visit
PalazzoFarnese, the facade of which was designed by Michelangelo, is located in the adjacent square. From Campo de' Fiori it is also easy to visit Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and Chiesa Nuova.

Campo de' Fiori: Where to Stay
If you are looking for some advice on where you can stay in this district of Rome, you can take a look at's dedicated pages Hotel in the Center of Rome as well as B&B in Rome.

Campo de' Fiori: Where to Eat offers a wide choice of restaurants in the area on the dedicated page Campo dei Fiori Restaurants, where you may taste Roman and Italian cuisine.

Campo de' Fiori: What to Do
Discover some great pubs on our dedicated page Pub Campo dei Fiori,  where you can find someplace to spend a great night out.

More and different things to come from Campo de' Fiori.

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