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Cabaret Roma

Cabaret Roma: A Fun and Interesting Alternative

If you are tired of visiting churches and museums, history and art, and arein love with the theatre, we recommend an evening out doing something a little different in the company of your friends leaving the stress of your day behind. There is nothing more refreshing to your tired feet than a resounding laugh. So why not go to a cheerful, amusing, and lively cabaret where you can see a live performance of an art that is more and more difficult to find. Rome is actually full of tiny venues for these kind of shows, so all you have to do is choose.

Cabaret Roma: A Fun and Interesting Alternative Sponsored links

Yes, it's true. Sometimes we are looking for something different from the latest trends, and a cabaretis a place where you can spend some carefree hours enjoying the lively entertainment of yester-year known as cabaret.

Cabaret Roma: Il Puff
Il Puff is a historical Roman cabaret which has offered entertainment for years in the heart of Trastevere. A famous stage where successful comics have treaded the boards and that still hosts high quality acts and carefree shows. Characterized by a successful and renewed past, Il Puff is ready to welcome you with good cuisine and a bar which can satisfy whatever your whims may be.

Cabaret Roma: Tina Pika Village
Another fixed appointment is at Tina Pika Village, which hosts new comedy talents and famous T.V. stars offering a good cabaret with varied and detailed programming for each day of the week. It was grounded by the volcanic Beppe Quintale and succeeded in 1992 as a carefree and unprejudiced entertainment space in Rome. As the performance ends and times drifts into the late evening, Tina Pika Village becomes a disco where Latin rythms are dominant until dawn.

Cabaret Roma: Re Per Una Notte
Re per una notte combines belly laughs with the Latin rhythm of salsa and at daily intervals it changes skin. It is a cabaret space where crackling shows and certain entertainment are vouched for by artists who tread the boards. It is also a ballroom where you may let loose in multicolored group dancing. The club is high level entertainment space with an eye to carefree and genuine laughs.

Cabaret Roma – Taverna degli artisti
Taverna degli artisti in Axa-Casalpalocco district is both a restaurant and a cabaret that have made the fortune of emerging comics that have performed on its stage. You can chose among different options such as dinner+show, the admission to the second evening is with consumption attending a lot of organized shows.

Cabaret Roma – Sotto casa di Andrea
Another place where you can attend cabaret shows is Sotto casa di Andrea, a not-for-profit cultural and recreational association which promotes the idea of a place where you may meet and enjoy taking part in cultural and recreational initiatives. It is placed in the university district of San Lorenzo.

Cabaret Roma: Centrale Ristotheatre
In the center of Rome in the frame of an ancient theatre there is Centrale Ristotheatre. It is a restaurant which proposes dinners and shows during which you can taste traditional flavors wrapped in the magic atmosphere of variety shows. On Sunday, the cabaret transforms and opens its spaces to  “Comic Sunday” with its famous cocktail hour which is also a show. So Sunday becomes the most funny and informal day in the week thanks to Roman comics that challenge the audience with jokes and hearty laughs.

In conclusion the Roman cabaret is a good option for those who want to spend a particular kind of night attending a show which will live up to your expectations, with an eye on typically Italian comic shows, and new stand-up comedians. Laughs are at hand for a special night, so look for a good cabaret.


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