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Auctions in Rome

Auction houses: Buy Masterpieces in Rome

Do you like Italian art? Are you looking for a great Italian souvenir? Are you interested in buying a painting of a contemporary Italian painter or some bric-a-bracs? Would you like to take part into an art auction? can give you some useful links about auction houses in Rome that offer precious advices and opinions and that are specialized in the sale of paintings, ancient jewels, sculptures, furniture and not only.

Auction houses: Buy Masterpieces in Rome Sponsored links

If you are an art lover you can take part in an art auction in Rome in order to see great masterpieces and perhaps to buy something!
Auction houses are a fundamental gear of the market and are points of reference for collectors.

Auctions in Rome: Antonina
One of the oldest Roman auction houses in Rome is Antonina. Since 1890 it boasts prestigious experience and tradition. Auctions at Antonina are organized twice a month. This auction house offers appraisals and estimations of masterpieces and its experts are available to value estates, company-business or furniture replacements in private residences. Other services are included: transport of the art works all over the world, assistance for restoration and assurance. On the web site you may consult the catalogue, the calendar and the results of the former auctions.

Auctions in Rome: Aste Babuino
Another famous auction house in Rome is Aste Babuino, known by the main collectors of antiques. On its web site you may fill in the order and propose your offer to buy pieces or book yourself by phone. The auction house Babuino boasts prestigious auctions of ancient furniture and country-houses, noble palaces and castles. Among the most important: the auction of Casal dei Pazzi in Rome and the auction of the castle of Giove dei Marchesi. It offers assistance for inventories, estimations, transports and traditional sales of paintings and antiques.

Auctions in Rome: Finarte
An important Italian auction house in Rome is also Finarte, founded in 1959. It has offices in Milan, Florence and Rome. This auction house has chosen a precise strategy: to organize specific auctions for specific kind of objects. There are a lot of sections which include silverware, jewels and watches, books and printings, old furniture, majolica and porcelain objects, carpets and textiles. Finarte also deals with modern and contemporary art without neglecting paintings of the XIX century.

Auctions in Rome: D.A.M.
Since 1973 the auction house D.A.M. is specialized in antique properties. This auction house offers free estimations. Moreover its experts assure their assistance in the different phases of the selling, from the final contract to the transportation, the photographs and the publicity.

Auctions in Rome: Euronatico
Euronatico started its activity in 2001 and obtained soon the operators’ approval. It is specialized in the management of indivisible heritage and organizes auctions twice a month. Eurantico has managed prestigious customers, among them Caraciotti of Terni and the family of the lawyer Fornari of Rome. On the web site you may visualize the complete catalogue of each auction and the photographic gallery of the main pieces.
Make unforgettable your stay in Rome and visit un auction house!

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