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Asylum Italy

Asylum Italy: Political Asylum and Refugee Status

In Italy, the Italian Constitution guarantees the right of political asylum and the status of refugees to foreign citizens applying for them when applicants meet the accepted international standards set up by the Geneva Convention in 1951. If you are interested in requesting political asylum in Italy, or think you qualify for refugee status, has put together the following article so that you can find all the information you need about laws, proceedings, and associations which protect and help political refugees in Italy to obtain asylum here.

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Asylum Italy: How to Request Political Asylum
Requesting political asylum is never an easy matter. However, the right of political asylum is guaranteed by the Italian Constitution on the basis of the Convention of Geneva, ratified in 1951, and recognizes the status of “refugee” to those foreign citizens that for racial, religious, social, or political reasons are persecuted in their country or, if stateless, the impossibility for them to return to their country of birth. Requesting political asylum in Italy can be done through a number of channels including international organizations, embassies, and non-government organizations specialized in this important field.

Asylum Italy: Necessary Proceedings and Criteria
If you are requesting political asylum in Italy you will have to show a specific documentation to the Frontier Police when you come into Italy, or send this information to the Immigration Office of the police headquarters in Rome. Your request for political asylum is then sent to the Territorial Commission, which has offices in the towns of Gorizia, Milan, Rome, Foggia, Syracuse, Crotone, Trapani, Bari, Caserta, and Turin. The Territorial Commission interviews the seeker and makes a tentative decision based on the elements contained in the documentation produced by the potential obtainee. During the period of examination the foreigner lodges in a shelter for refugees and asylum seekers. If all goes well after the application and interview process, a permit residence visa for three months is issued to the seeker and it can be renewed until the commission has made its final decision regarding the case.

Asylum Italy: Refugee Status
There are several associations which support and help political refugees in Italy. In Rome the office of UNHCR - The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - takes part in the process of examination to establish the status of refugee and deals with international protection, training, diffusion of information about refugees and asylum seekers in Italy and in critical areas in the rest of the world. The UNHCR deals with awareness raising campaigns for the general public concerning political refugees and organizes fund-raising events in collaboration with local and national governments, companies, and private citizens. CIR – the Italian Council for Refugees – supports refugees offering legal and social help also for refugees who have survived torture. CIR also informs and increases awareness of the status of refugees by using social and cultural initiatives, as well as through publishing a monthly magazine on the issue.

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